Author's Note: 2 ana poems…R/R flames welcome as long as they're about me and not my poetry. "That is fucked up DaISy." – Lisa, Girl, Interrupted.

I want to be
Skin and bones
To fade into nothingness
Succumb to the blackness
To be nothing but scars
To bleed and bleed
I want to show you
My bones
I'll break open my skin
Split wide open
Past grotesque muscle
And fat
Useless tissue
Gushing blood
Reveal what I am
Pale white
Pluck out my eyes
And hand them to you
I've seen enough
I don't want them, you see
I want none of this
Left with the burning question
Why me?

To live life
Is to die
To starve is Beauty
To purge
Is courage
To scar
Is to heal
To reveal bones
Is to smile
To enjoy life
Is to die beside
The painful path
You alone have chosen…

Food poisons the body
Dissolving soul tissue
Slow over time
With each bite
It takes time
To perfect the Art
Have courage
To remain pure
To consume too much
Is to cease to exist
To be thin
Is invisibility
To be bones and skin
Nothing more
Ana cried out to me today
"What side will you chose?
Will you perish
Without love of life
Or follow me
And become like a bird?"
She calls to me
A test, a task
I must prove my worth.