Author's Note: Um, okay, well, it's basically just me griping about my first day of school... maybe some of you know where I'm coming from. Anyway, please review, if you feel so inclined.

For once it seems you might be in for more than you bargained for.
It's left you weary exhausted and you have only just begun.
Looks like you've finally got a challenge.
No distractions this time. You can't get away.
It's been one day - you forgot what stress was like.
Vacation's a year away.
And sleep will have to wait.
Just when you had the hang of things, you're starting over again.
And this will be the easiest day you'll get.
No more sleeping in, no more lazy summer days.
This really sucks.
But that's life.
So what can you do.
Back to the days of routine and hard work.
No breaks this time. Just gotta go along with it.
And there's so much you gotta do.
Homework already. You just came back.
Groan and moan - get it done and move on.
Don't want to, but you gotta do it.
Oi, can't this year just end already?

Stupid first day. I want my summer back.