Prologue: Meet My Family

"I can't believe it."

"Come on.cheer up a little, Sakuya! Think about the glory it'll bring to our family! Think about it!"

"I'm. Not. Going. To. Go." Each word was punctured like a bullet and the owner's steely amethyst eyes didn't flinch.


[Hello. My name is Sakuya Suzuki and I live with my fairly normal family. Fairly normal I say- I have two older brothers whom are identical twins: Satoshi and Hotori. Why am I complaining you ask? Well, Satoshi is our family's best athlete and indeed very smart- he breezed through the college exams in middle school and was accepted at one of the Ivy League universities.

Hotori is our family's music prodigy. At age seven, he knew how to play the piano fluently. At age eleven he won an international piano contest. Right now, he's already written 14 sonnets and is working on his second symphony which is coming along nicely if you please.]

"Sakuya! You don't have anything to do anyways, and this is a great opportunity for you to seize. You should always seize your chances because there are only a few in your life. This is one of your greatest chances to prove to us that you are better than you brothers!"


[So what about me? I'm the youngest of the rich and wealthy Suzuki family- owner of CompTech., international computer and technology business with the income of 5 billion dollars each year. I, Sakuya Suzuki am the Suzuki family's artist. My parents found it odd that I wasn't talented in anywhere else, but after they found that I had a knack for art, they immediately sent me to study with famous artists.

Unfortunately, I, unlike my two talented and good-looking brothers, am not a child prodigy. My sketches and scribbles were decent and much better than the average teenagers can do, but they weren't perfect. I was the black sheep. At age 17, I still haven't started my career in life yet.]

"But I don't wanna prove to anyone that I'm better than you guys!" Sakuya almost wailed.

"That's a negative attitude, young lady," Satoshi said shaking his finger at her.

"Uh-huh," Hotori added nodding his head vigorously.

Sakuya pouted. Satoshi and Hotori looked almost exactly alike-dark amethyst eyes, which various girls were lost in and, unfortunately were chased after, soft auburn locks, and they were both lean and elegant with a height well over the average. Perhaps the only difference was that while Satoshi wore his short auburn spiked with a good amount of hair-gel and dyed it a light shade of blond at the ends, Hotori wore his long and tied in a loose ponytail down to his back.

"You two are mean," Sakuya said pouting.

"Don't worry, Sakuya. If you really don't want to go I guess Mom will let you stay at home," Hotori said kindly as he bent down to pat his younger sister's head.

"Hotori!" Satoshi said indignantly.

"At least, I have *one * nice older brother who's kind and comforting!" Sakuya said hugging Hotori and then glaring at Satoshi's direction.

"But, it would be fun," Hotori added as an afterthought. Then, " Why don't you give it a try?"

"Well. it would be interesting to be a Neko Priestess."

Hotori smirked at Satoshi over Sakuya's head with a I-told-you-my-way-was- better-than-yours look on his face. ****

"Yuki.why don't you do it for the Iichirou Clan?" The middle-aged woman's voice was coaxing and pleading. She had light blond hair and light green eyes, wearing a chic navy blue suit.

" you truly want me to?" A whitish blond cat asked regretfully. " You really want to risk your ONLY son's life, his happiness, and whole world?"

"Well." The woman was in deep thought for a moment before adding, " At least you'll be out of the house for good!"

The cat's head drooped in surrender along with his whiskers.

"Cheer up, little bro!" Another female voice said teasingly. The young woman (in her early twenties) had long light blond hair like her mother's but dark blue eyes which were fixed intensely on the cat which sat on the floor in total dejection. " I'm sure that we'll be able to reverse the curse somehow!"

"THAT IS NOT COMFORTING WHEN YOU'RE STUCK IN A STUPID CAT'S BODY FOR OVER 2 DAYS, MIDORI! " The cat yelled, and the two women flinched slightly at his outburst.

"Tsk, tsk, you have to learn to control your temper, Yuki Iichirou," Yuki's mother chided.

"Hmf." Came the morose response.

"Look, Yuki, it's not our fault that you're a well.Neko Oni (cat-demon)," Midori said sighing slightly. " Let's go over the basics one more time. In this world, there are 4 Neko Onis, human beings whom turn into a cat because of a curse in every 100 years. This curse might be from eating something or getting doused with cold water.whatever."

"In my case, it was chocolate," Yuki, said sullenly.

"ANYWAYS," Midori continued in a louder voice, point-blank ignoring Yuki, " The curse is part of being a Neko Oni. There is a reverse curse however. So, we go on. Only a Neko Priestess can control the Neko Oni's curse. Also, there are 4 Neko Priestessess in every 100 years. If the Neko Oni and Priestess cooperate, live together and accept each other they may be able to summon the Neko Goddess."

"Fat chance of that," A sarcastic voice interrupted.

"The Neko Goddess will be able to grant 1 wish to the pair. So.all we have to do is find your Neko Priestess for you!" Midori said excitedly.

"." The cat went blank. " Er, know that Japan has a large population right? And we're not just talking Japan- China, Korea and even America! How are we going to find the one Priestess? Eh? I might have to be stuck like this forever! Argh!"

"Calm down, Yuki. You're usually so calm and mild- maybe being a cat got you to be actually normal," Midori said ruffling the cat's fur affectionately.


"We know that your Neko Priestess is obviously from the Suzuki Clan," She said brushing cat hairs off her lap.

"Suzuki Clan?"

"Yep!" *****

[I can't believe it.]

[My mom and my two brothers kicked me out of the house.]

[So maybe not kicked out, but they bought me a small apartment complex in Kyoto and told me to go to school like I usually do except to also be on the watch-out for a whitish blond cat. They told me that it was to be my Neko Oni, and that in fact it was a teenage guy from the Iichirou Clan. I can't believe that I'm waiting for a cat.a CAT!]

//Ding! Dong!//

Sakuya straightened up and sighed. Who could it be? But, what she didn't know that the guest at the door would change her life forever.

Author's Note~ Weee! I had a writer's block so I decided to start another original manga. Yes, another one. No, I'm not finished with Tokyo Angels.not the least bit, but I just felt really bored so I decided to start another story. I'm incredibly unpredictable, aren't I? Well, the chapters for Neko Goddess might come faster than any of my others ones (or perhaps slower) because Neko Goddess is going to be pure fluff, humor and a dash of drama.

I'm much better at writing fluff than action/adventure ( or maybe not.-.-) Anyways, everyone belongs to me! Me! Me! Especially all the cat-boys you meet later on in the story!!!