Chapter XI: Daisuke no Hito

About this time tomorrow

I wonder where you will be

I wonder who will you be thinking of

You are always gonna be my first love

Even if you fall in love with someone else

Sakuya wasn't depressed. Was she? Oh, no! Little miss I-am-just-pretending-to-be-a-bishounen was not in the least. In other terms, she was depressed as hell. She paced on the bridge impatiently, footsteps light and tensed. She had searched all through Japan for the last six months. It was difficult, and she'd only been excused from school because 'Saku' had been picked up by talent scouts and was in the photo shoots as a junior model.

She was wearing a red tank top and jeans, eyebrows furrowed in frustration. The wind caressed Sakuya's dark brown hair gently before settling it over her shoulders.

Where is he? Sakuya wondered. I've been looking for you for 6 months! This isn't working. Neko megumi, I hate you! You little evil ..

Her thought trailed off when she felt a pair of arms wrap around her waist and then warm breath on her neck. Surprised, Sakuya turned her head to meet a pair of calm golden eyes. She gasped while the person smiled, lips curving up in a half-smirk.

"You…" Her voice was choked as the young man continued smiling. The breeze ruffled the person's albino white hair and he bent his head down so his cheek met hers. She uttered one name.


"Sakuya-chan," He murmured softly, and buried his face in her hair.

But then, Sakuya stiffened. She spun around, her violet eyes flashing angrily as she wrenched herself away from him.

"What's wrong?" Yuki asked in the same soft voice.

"What's wrong?" She mimicked. " I'll tell you what's wrong. It's freakin' wrong for you to disappear into thin air and then 'poof'! You come back. That's what the hell is wrong. Do you know how bloody worried I was? Did you? What were you doing then? I don't believe that the neko megumi kept you for as long as that. You're a fu-"

In the middle of her rant, her eyes filled up with tears and they ran down her cheeks. Yuki hugged her tightly as she tried to get away from him. But, his golden eyes hardened and in one fluid movement he kissed her. One reason was to make her shut up. The kiss wasn't the lovey-dovey type. It wasn't quite the passionate type either. It was just…a Yuki-kiss. Ecstasy filled Sakuya as she was left breathless.

"Shut up," Yuki said quietly cupping her face with his hands. Then he closed his eyes tightly and turned his head away from her.

"Tell me what happened," Sakuya said softly. "All that happened."

Yuki's golden eyes widened in surprise before he sighed. Then he raked his white blond hair with his hands in frustration.

"After you went to sleep that night…Konoe transformed into his human shape," his voice began to take on the tone of a storyteller. " He was strong…we had a duel. The next thing I knew I blacked out and woke up in a room…


The bed was soft and warm, as I cracked an eye open. The room I was in was not my room. Well, that was the obvious but yet there was a hospitable aura about it. I sat up, wincing slightly. My wounds were all bandaged up and there was only remnants of my aching shoulder which had been slashed severely. The room was way too dark, everything black or in shades of scarlet.

"What the hell…?" I muttered aloud.

It was then that I realized I wasn't alone.

There was a small figure sitting besides the heavily curtained bay window. She was a small girl about eight of nine. Her light brown hair was down to her waist, pale little face towards the outside. The girl was wearing a simple black sleeveless dress down to her ankles.Then she turned her head towards me.

Her eyes were golden like mine but narrowed like a cat. And they didn't seem normal. Not that mine do but those eyes were endless pools of gold and were much more mature for a young girl of that age. She rose from her window seat to lightly step towards me.

"You've waken," She observed in an intelligent voice.

"I have," I replied with equal dignity. Then I stood up painfully on my feet. She raised an eyebrow at me and smirked. It was a cocky smirk.

"I wouldn't suggest doing that right now. Your wounds are pretty bad."

"What do you care?" I asked. " Besides I don't give a damn about myself right now. Who are you? Where the hell am I? And where is Konoe? If I catch that bloody bastard I'll kill him."

"Tsk, tsk," She tutted loudly. " How very rude of you, Yuki. This is my house after all and I don't go cussing in someone else's property. Konoe was only following my orders, dear. Don't judge him so harshly. As for my name, I'll go by Megumi."

"Megumi?" I blinked rapidly before the truth dawned on me. "You're the neko goddess?"

"In a matter of speech, yes."

"What do you mean?" I narrowed my eyes at her. Megumi gave me a sweet, innocent smile before suddenly sending me flying back into the bed.

"Don't ask so many questions," She said coldly.

"I didn't know that the great Neko Goddess was only a little girl!" I said chuckling slightly. It wasn't quite a real laugh but I was baiting her. The question was, would she take the bait?

Megumi hissed at me and stopped as she was lifted into someone's arms. My eyes widened in surprise- golden hair, gray eyes and a slender figure too.

"Houishi?" I backed off into the wall.  He glanced up at me, surprise evident on his face. Then he glared at me darkly.

"What do you want?"

"Are you Konoe?" I asked hesitantly.

"Konoe is a title as much as Neko Goddess," Houishi said calming down slightly. Then he hugged the little girl tightly. " What have you got yourself into now, Megumi-chan?" I noticed her glance up at him full of adoration and perhaps…something more?

"Ew," I said loudly. " This is so not right. She's like 8 and you're what? Almost 18!"

"You butthead, Megumi-chan's not really a child! She's the same age as me but because of the freakin' stupid curse. You've got a demented mind to think that what? I'm a child molester or something? Really, Yuki-san I expected much more of you."

"What curse?"

"At day, Megumi is a child and I am in my usual form but at night I turn into a doll (Mashimaro now) and Megumi into her usual form. Our paths never cross so we are never together," Houishi said bitterly. Megumi sighed as she bent up to pat him on the cheek.

"What's with the whole Romeo and Juliet shit?"

Houishi tilted his head to one side and blinked at Megumi. "Should I tell him? Do we have time?"

"Houishi, we have all the time in the world. Besides it's not like it's a secret or anything. I hate that bastard who did this to us."

The gray-eyed young man turned his attention to me. Then he started telling me about the curse.

"We used to be normal people, Megumi and I. Both of our families were wealthy merchants. Her family sold cats while ours sold toys. We were engaged to each other even though we didn't love each other because of the family business. Then one day there came an ugly old hag. She begged for a place to stay and some food to eat for the evening. Our parents chased her away and threatened to call the constables. The hag transformed- who knew that she was really a fairy? But anyways she cast a spell onto them:

                                      Your heir shall suffer from your greed

                                      For my words you did not heed.

                                      By day and night they shall be apart.

                                      Until love conquers their cold heart.

                                      But their curse will be a blessing

                                      For quite easy, just some guessing!

                                      Will figure out the magic word.

                                      To break this mild enchantment.

And that's how we ended up like this," Houishi finished dramatically. "After a while we did fall in love with each other, for it was only our stubborn natures which proved conflict."

"So what's the problem now? Haven't you fulfilled a part of the spell?" I asked raising an eyebrow at the two so-called desolate lovers.

"The question was, what's the magic word? In order to find out, we started the whole Neko Priestess and Neko Oni thing." Megumi said sighing heavily.

"Maybe you two have to confess or something."

"Baka, we've wasted two hundred years trying. It hasn't worked."

"Wait…I thought that the neko goddess was around for like more than a thousand years!"

"Some urban legend."

"Ah," Then I sighed too, leaning against the propped up pillow. Suddenly a brilliant idea came to me, oh-so-named genius. " Did you two ever confess your feelings to each other?"

They blinked at me.

"Well, actually no," the young girl said hesitantly. Then she glared at me, " That wouldn't work either. We never tried it, but how are you so positively sure?"

"I'm not," I said cheerfully, " But never hurts to try!"

Houishi obviously agreed because he turned to Megumi with a lovesick expression on his face. I nearly gagged on the bed. Was that how I looked when I kissed Sakuya? I hoped not. Because then he suddenly pound his chest dramatically. " Oi, Megumi-chan! I truly love you. Daisuki no hito!" It was freaky. The thing that happened next. All I remembered was a very loud…POOF!

Then there was a young girl standing in the same place Megumi was a few minutes ago. Well, teenage girl then. Her light brown hair was perfect accenting the green in her now-verdant eyes. Her simple black dress was now a fashion plate. First of all, she looked slightly like a goth Alice in Wonderland, except *way* matured. But I also noticed (ha, don't hit me) her gorgeous figure, slender and ah- anyways I shall go on.

"You're so smart, Yuki-kun," The girl said and then smiled radiantly. I was robbed of an opportunity to say something cute to the once Neko Goddess when Houishi pulled her into an embrace. Intimate shall we say, and a passionate kiss. Egh.

I exploded right there. " WHERE'S MY FREAKIN' WISH??"

"Huh?" The two stopped in their making out session to stare at me blankly.

"Everyone said that you'd be granted a wish," I drawled to make the words stretch. " So where's my wish?"

"What would you want to wish for?" Megumi asked tentatively and stepped back into Houishi grinning slyly. " Perhaps a kiss from Sakuya-chan? She is quite pretty after all, as long as she isn't cross dressing as a guy. I admit, the things you two did were quite amazing and amusing. It kept us from self-depression I tell you. Of course when I gave her that necklace, wow! The tension-"

I glared at her. That was so not funny.

"All I want is to go back to Japan."

"Done." The duo said simultaneously.

A roar filled my ears and things started to blur before I heard one last thing from Houishi.

"The whole Neko Goddess crap is over with, so you can start your life all over again. A tip- don't let go of Sakuya, she's cute! And Yuki, always tell a girl what she wants to hear okay?"

The rest was lost to me but the last thing I remembered seeing was the two of them smiling and kissing. Argh.


"And that's it!" Yuki said enthusiastically.

"That's it?" Sakuya raised an eyebrow. " All this time? I went cross dressing as a guy, left all my friends, for this?! A FREAKIN' ROMEO AND JULIET CURSE? And everyone thought that I was strange, weird, and crap. For this? Gah. If I ever do get my hands on them I swear that I'll kill them! Especially Houishi! Who was he to do anything to me, with that pretty little face of his-"

"They're at the moon," the latter said absently. The girl blinked twice staring at him.

"Excuse me? Was it just me or did you just say that they were at the moon?"

"They should be at the moon now," The oni said casually.

"And why is that?"

"'Cuz that's where they said they were going to spend their honey moon."

"Kami-sama help me!" Sakuya wailed. Then as an afterthought, " Blood hell."

Yuki threw his head back and laughed loudly. Sakuya punched him lightly on the arm before laughing too. The two of them continued hysterical laughter until a few birds nearby decided that the humans were obviously more bird-brained than them, or had been thrown out of a nest when they were infants. Finally, the two stopped laughing and Sakuya leaned back into Yuki.

"Yuki?" She asked thoughtfully.


"Do you like me?"

"Daisuki no hito."

"Arigatou. I needed that push of encouragement," The brunette said cheerfully and then climbed onto his back, wrapping her arms around him. He started to go to the direction of their apartment with Sakuya piggy-back riding on him.



"You're heavy."

"Ah, shut up!"

"Hehe," He kissed her on the cheek lightly and then the two headed towards home.


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