Swallow one more pint, pop just one more pill

Another down and out preparing for the kill

Hollywood, Bollywood, join the hall of fame

Live a life of lies, in the hall of shame

Europe, Asia, Australia, home or not?

Another day, another place to rot

Celebrity graves, uncouth, uncared

We only remember those who dared

Groupies, stalking, death-threat mail

Photoshop image, a Las Vegas tale

Home isn't where the heart is anymore

The heart was left on a grimy hotel floor

Learned to kick you when you're down

Learned to perfect your smile-or frown

Signed your life away on your own C.D

Flash of a camera is all you ever see

Someone else's dream, can't be fate

Perfect figure, perfect self-hate

Publicised suicide, and it made you a star

Although you loathe it, it's what you are