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The Angel and the Fallen Knight

This is the story of the past of Kiranai Hebun. The beginning of the world, the sages, council, and more. As of now, it's not finished, but I'm working on this along with trying to finish the rest of Year Two...(I'm lagging...). Anyway, this is really a story about Kiranai and the Fallen Angel Jaki.

Her job was a difficult, and stressful one for the angel Kiranai. Since the dawn of the new world, she had been there, fighting to keep Fallen Angels out. It seemed every time she turned around, another Fallen Angel would sneak through, and was plaguing their world once more. She complained that it was too big of a job for one angel to do, and the Spirits agreed. They arranged for more angels to become Sages, and watch over Kiranai Hebun.
How ever, it would be would be a while before the new Sages could come. Until that time, a barrier was to be placed around Kiranai Hebun to keep most of the Fallen Angels out. Until it's completion, Kiranai was to try her hardest to keep the Fallen Angels out. It was easier said than done.
Time slowly passed on, and the bored angel became very lonely. All the Spirits had each other, and the humans had each other. Kiranai had no one, except maybe the Keeper of Time, but they were so far away from each other. The only thing that she could do was kick out Fallen Angels, and that got rather boring.
One day, Kasumi, an angel soon to become Sage, came by and told Kiranai that the shield would be done soon, so get out all of the remaining Fallen Angels. Kiranai was happy that her tedious job would soon become simpler.
That day, she drove the rest of the Fallen Angels out, and the shield was complete. All that existed in Kiranai Hebun now were the only things that cold come and go.
That night, Kiranai watched the moon as it rose in it's full glory. It was a peaceful night, and Kiranai knew that it was beginning of a new life for her. Maybe now she could get around and visit people, so she wouldn't be so alone any more.
As she thought about this, she didn't notice the shadow that crept it's way toward Watcher's Mountain. Ready to fulfill it's mission, of killing the heavenly sage. An evil gleam shined in it's crimson eyes as it took to the sky.
Kiranai continued to watch the moon, as the shadow flew closer to her. Finally, she noticed it, gasping as the shadow crashed into her. She fell back down on the ground, with her shoulders and body pinned down by the glaring Fallen Angel above her. Kiranai felt her heart drop, even as she saw him in front of her, she still couldn't sense his presence.
The Fallen Angel laughed, "Are you ready to die Sage?"
"Who are you?"
"The one who will take your life."
"Why didn't I sense your presence before?"
"You think I will speak against myself and people by telling you? Think again, you rotten Sage." He smirked as his hands went up to claim her throat. "Die."
Kiranai's hands frantically searched around the ground around her, looking for something the Spirits gave her not too long ago. Just in case something like this were to happen, she knew what she had to do. She finally found it, and snapped the golden armlet onto the Fallen Angel's right arm. He paused, staring at it in disbelieve. This gave Kiranai enough time to crawl out from beneath him, her hands rubbing her sore throat.
"What is this thing?" he asked.
She laughed, "You think I will speak against myself and my friends by telling you? Think again, you nasty Fallen Angel." She smiled at him,
"You are never leaving here again."
A look of terror filled his eyes, and he quickly took to the air, trying to leave. Once he got about one hundred feet out, he acted as if he had hit and invisible wall. He could go no farther.
In disgust, he turned, and went back to the cave in the Watcher's Mountain, to find a very pleased Kiranai. "I guess it actually works, no one has ever tried it before." She giggled, "Well, I see I won't be bored after all!"
"Do you think I am some form of entertainment you, horrid wench? It makes me want to vomit just standing in the same room as you."
"Then why haven't you tried to kill me again?"
He thought about it for a second, and then gave up, sitting firmly on the ground. "I know that you are smarter than to bound a Fallen Angel to you when I could still kill you. This...thing must keep me from killing you as well."
"You are smarter than I expected you to be. That's the best compliment you are going to get from me."
"I do not want your compliments."
"You should, I'm the only one you are going to talk to for a long time."
"I should just kill myself and get it over with...why don't you kill me?"
She blushed, looking toward the ground. "I've never killed anything, and I'm not going to start with you."
Kiranai seemed to enjoy her new visitors company very much. Trying not to think about how now the balance was messed up because he was in Kiranai Hebun when the shield was finish. How ever, it was fine with her, because now she had other Sages to help her, and a new 'friend'.
"Come with me, I need to cleanse your soul," she said, motioning to him to follow her. The only answer she got was a hard glare, with out a blink. "Well, I'll go anyway, and you will just end up following because you are bond to me. So, have it your way."
Kiranai got to her feet, and started to walk toward another room in the cave. Soon, the Fallen Angel was up and following her, causing a small smile to form on her face. Once they were in the next room, she went up to him, and began to remove his shirt.
He stepped away from her, "What the hell are you doing!"
She sighed, "Oh, please, I'm just trying to cleanse your soul."
"And just how are you going to do that!"
"Make you take a bath with me. Get rid of all your impure thoughts."
He rolled his eyes, "Yeah, and making me take a bath with you is going to do that!"
"What? Of course it will."
He glared at her, "Are you that prude?"
"I am not rude!"
He slapped his forehead, shaking his head, "Angels are so dense."
"Oh! Are you making a sexual reference?"
"Oh, you dirty Fallen Angel! I will get rid of those nasty thoughts!" She quickly ripped off his shirt, and pushed him toward the hot spring with resided in the mountain. She smirked, and giving another push, caused him to fall in the water. "Into the tub!"
She giggled, and stripped down to her under-dress, and stepped into the water. He was standing deep in the water, so that only his eyes were glaring at her across the spring. Cupping some water in her hands, she moved toward him and dumped it over his head. She continued this a few times, and then ran her fingers quickly through his hair, causing it to go all askew.
"There, that should help. How do you feel?"
He raised his head just a little bit, so that he could respond in a monotone voice. "Fresh and renewed."
"Really? All right!"
"No, I feel exactly the same."
"Oh, you're no fun. Get out, and get dressed, I'm about ready to give up on you."
He scoffed, turning away from her, "Good, I thought you never would." She pulled herself out of the spring, pausing and look back at him,
"What's your name?"
"None of your business!"
"Well, you're going to be here for quite some time, and you know my name, so it's only fair."
"Maybe I will tell you some other time, but not today."
"Oh," she sighed, slowly walking away from him. He could feel the armlet pulling on his hand to follow after her. Quickly, he got out of the spring, and began after her.
With a grumble, he finally gave in, "It's Jaki."
She spun around, shaking his hand, "It's nice to meet you Jaki! I'm Kiranai!"
He rolled his eyes, letting her shake his hand, "Sorry, I can't say the same."
Time went on, as slowly as it always does. The two remained together, never leaving the other's sight. Kiranai could tell that Jaki was not happy about the situation, but there was nothing she could do about that.. Things were the way they had to be, and she wasn't going to let him go just because he didn't want to be around her. No, it wasn't that easy.
As time went on though, the world around them began to fall a part. The Dragon, Platine had gone to the human realm, and found a fallen angel that had gone unnoticed. She became his lover, and was soon to have his child. Kiranai knew she couldn't let this continue, and was going to force the Fallen Angel to leave.
However, when she tried to leave, Jaki locked himself in the spring, making it impossible for her to leave.
"Come on Jaki! This is my job!" she growled.
"Yeah, well mine was to kill you, and you didn't let me do that now did you?"
"They are on my constellation! I am the only one who can send him away!"
"Well, why didn't you make him leave earlier!"
Kiranai stood there for a long time, wondering why she hadn't noticed the Fallen Angel's presence. Just like she hadn't noticed Jaki's when he was hiding, waiting for the shield to be complete. Finally, it hit her, and she started to pound like crazy on the wooden door.
"Jaki! I can't believe you hid him from me! WHY!?"
"He's my friend, he deserves to be happy."
"He's a Fallen Angel!"
Kiranai forgot about that most of the time. Though they never really got along, she never saw Jaki as a Fallen Angel...he was almost her friend. She stopped pounding on the door, but she leaned against it and sighed.
"Do you think he can love her?"
He snarled, "You act like we can't."
"I don't think you can. You are evil..."
"We aren't evil, we were just misguided. We aren't perfect, so we can definitely love. How ever, you Angels, all you think about is loving God. You could never love another."
"Is that what you think?"
"Tell me one Angel that has fallen in love? You want an example of a Fallen Angel in love...there is one on your Constellation right now."
"There were...some Angels..."
No, he was right, there were none. Were Angels, high followers of God, unable to experience one of the greatest emotions? It didn't make any sense...
"Can't think of any, can you?"
Kiranai sighed, feeling tears swell up in her eyes. She slid to the ground, shutting her eyes tightly. "Shut up...I'm sure we can love."
"I need proof."
"You would."
"Besides, I'm not coming out until that child is born."
"If it's up to the Dragons...they will kill the child. I just want to send the father away. He will live Jaki."
"I don't care!"
"You're so stubborn!"
"Damn straight."
Kiranai sat there for a long time, just thinking of something to say. "I'll get really really smelly if I can't take a bath."
"Fine with me, you'll probably smell better than you do now."
"I'll contact the other Sages, and tell them about him."
"No you won't, you want to send him away, and you wouldn't let another do it. Besides, I thought you said only you could send him away because he was on your Constellation."
"Jaki...just let me do my job."
She heard him snarl again, and start walking away from the door. "Let me do mine."
Just as he said, Jaki never came out of the room. Maybe that armlet was a double sided curse. Sure, it kept him bound to her, and kept him from killing her, but it also bounded Kiranai to him. Even though her bound was stronger, making him follow her, she couldn't leave unless he came with her. It was hopeless.
Once the child was born, and door slowly opened, revealing her captor once more. From where she was laying on her bed, all she could do was glare at him, as she had wanted too since he locked himself up.
He ignored her glare, and moved to sit down at on of the table chairs with a sigh.
"I've missed being able to sit in a chair," he grumbled. He sniffed the air, and turned away from her disgusted. "You do smell bad."
"I bet you thought that was real funny didn't you?" grumbled Kiranai.
He glared at her, pointing to the armlet that he wore, "I bet you think this is real funny, don't you?"
She growled, "That's different!"
She paused, "I don't know...but it is!"
"You can't think of a reason, because you know it's exactly the same!"
Kiranai couldn't take it anymore, and she launched herself to her feet. In no time she stood, looming above Jaki with a look of death on her face. "Listen, Jaki, you are my prisoner now, I could kill you at any time..."
"But would you?"
"See, I have nothing to fear."
Now she began to whine, " have no idea what you have done! This child is causing even the Dragons to worry. Which is not good at all! They might let Platine and the child live, but your friend will die." There was no answer from the fallen angel now. "I could have taken care of this, I could have sent him back, and he would have been safe.'s too la..."
"Just shut up, ok? You think you know everything, but maybe, you don't. I doubt they will kill him..."
"Why the pause? Because you know that even if they don't kill him his life will be worse off."
"You don't think I thought about all of this while I was in there?"
"Then why didn't you come out!?"
"Too stubborn."
She threw her arms into the air, "You make me so mad! Your so called friend's life is ruined now, and you didn't stop it because you were too da...stubborn!"
"I thought I told you to shut up! Besides, if I make you so fucking mad, why don't you just send me back to hell?"
No she couldn't help but smirk, until she realized the meaning of her thought. She sighed, turning away from him, feeling tears in her eyes.
"Because, I know you would rather be in hell, than here with me..."
And again, the time went on, and neither hardly spoke to each other. The child was taken away, and Platine and the Fallen Angel were sealed away for the rest of time. The child, called Mushin was taken to the Black Wolf, so that he could raise her. Kiranai was completely confused about the whole thing. Kasumi told her that it was Negro's way of getting back at Azul, who had fallen in love with the Black Wolf.
Though, this time, the world was becoming dark and cruel. Kiranai watched in fear as the world named after herself fell into a new ruin. The darkness built, and built, until it seemed the world could no longer hold it, it exploded.
The child known as Mushin killed the Black Wolf and the Blue Dragon, sending anger out onto the whole world. The humans rose up, and rushed for the thirteenth constellation, where the Spirits lived. Many were killed by Mushin herself, but those who weren't, were captured by the humans. Kiranai watched in fear as the entire world burst into flames.
"Oh God, what is happening to your world!" she cried out.
Jaki watched from beside her, saying nothing. His only reaction was to watch the world fall apart with a fear of his own.
"I can't just stay here..."
Kiranai leapt from the edge of the cave, but was stopped by a pair of arms wrapping around her waist. She glared back to find a pair of angry red eyes watching her.
"Let me go Jaki," she growled.
"Don't you understand? If you go down there, the humans will get you too! Damn it Kiranai! Be smart for once!"
"I can't just let them destroy this world!"
He sighed, looking past her to the anarchy below. "They won't destroy the world, they are taking it as their own."
"Can't you feel their hatred? They want the power that the Spirits have...they are jealous, and they won't stop until they have taken that power as their own."
"How do you...?"
He turned his attention back to her, and for the first time, she swore she saw compassion in his eyes.
"Kiranai, don't go out there. They will only try to steal your powers as well."
She looked back out at the world below, feeling oh so familiar tears in her eyes. One managed to escape, running away down the length of her cheek. Gradually, she nodded her head, and Jaki released his hold on her. She turned past him, and threw herself down on her bed, letting the tears come freely.
She hardly noticed that she wasn't alone in her bed, until the same pair of arms wrapped around her from behind. She gasped, rolling over to come face to face with Jaki. He actually looked concerned for once in his life. He raised his hand, and gently stroked her cheek with his thumb.
Another tear fell, and he wiped it away.
"It's ok to cry, Kiranai," whispered Jaki.
She couldn't stop the tears now, and buried her face deep in Jaki's chest. Her only wish was that this night had never happened, and yet, she was glad it had. For this was the first time that he had ever showed any sense of caring for her. She knew then, that if she didn't watch herself, she would prove that angels could fall in love after all.


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