Damnit here's this song, once again, I say I'm over and I hear it and then I'm right back where we started when you said you'd be my only. Here we go, round and round, right upon the hint of a sound, Laughing till we hit the ground, then you up and leave me lonely. You walked away and never said why, you didn't even say goodbye, I sit alone and want to cry, but I know that you wont hear me. And even if you did, would it matter? After all the dreams you shattered, They hit the ground like dishes clattered, but you wont even come near me. Avoid me like the deadly plague, when questioned if answered only vague, You're living in a purple haze, and blame it all on "it". You say I did it all to you, its all my fault what you've been through, Umm HELLO I went through it too, but you're too blind to give a shit. The song has ended, but I vent on, ranting about a lost once bond, I really want a magic wand, but would it solve a thing? "No" I decide and shake me head, cuz to you've I've long been dead, at least that's what you've to them said, and then you try to ring. Call me up, demand to talk, I tell you, let's take a walk, Lest we be seen together "FAWK", you think and hide 'yond your charade. So the silences are awful loud, cuz we both are to damn proud, And to the past we both are bound, shit what a mess we've made.