The Physicist And Priest Argue In April

Physicist "see these flowers? they are examples of the unconscious. they have no intention within themselves to please or remind or puncture but to wrap about sun or rain or faulty blue 'round their opened faces. they cannot know nor see. and what importance would you

Priest "ah but would you say the same for you then? what meaning do you give other than the depth of lacking meaning?"

Physicist "I am not in the business of meaning only explanation"

Priest "then what are the flowers but one explanation of unconsciousness. if the smallest of being turn to the sun without knowing it is sun and you stand face up feeling the heat about your cheeks you do not see it as sun but photons or particles of light. which is consciousness?"

Physicist "and you in your divine meanings shows any higher seeming or living? what importance does that attach to your time here nor my own time? we are only subatomic pieces of life meandering down the river until at one port or another we split apart into one thing more"

Priest "then you shall stand and in the simplest act of breathing see explanation. I shall fly and not be adrift or see sunrise in an open eye and be able to handle meaning with silken gloves knowing that beyond each ocean is land or another ocean and each shall be explicable"

Physicist "I am not without being!"

Priest "you are overcome with wanting. there is not matter in essence and essence to you does not have a weight or make up. therefore it is inconsequential"

Physicist "only the flowers are inconsequential"

Priest "then there is nothing left to argue"

and in sudden wind
the breathing of
beyond waters or
what is left
after music the white paper
blossoms bent
upwards quite aware
that father lay
on his sunny back