Going Home To Somewhere I've Never Been
By: ShinigamiForever

of coal trains
and dusty winds.
A paperbag dances along the edge of the street.
The cars are lined up for comfort,
their owners slicking back hair with a greasy palm covered in callouses.
Talking aimlessly of distant success and the rock music that
beats in the background of their life.

of the dumbed down buildings
and high reaching skyscrapers
directing scratching nails at the blanket above them.
Wondering what I am doing here
where I belong to the background of rolling sidewalks.

of a little school boy with a backpack on,
in the middle of the road, waiting,
his glasses hiding the rest of a rap song
on his lips.

of signs and police crowds
and mobs and malls
and places I have never been and will never go to
and, more importantly--

You are not in Chicago.

The spies hide out in Chicago
like they never have before.