Obesrvations of Khaki Curtains
By: ShinigamiForever

Why one of them is so still
and another moves so much
makes too much sense but still confuses
and that is my explanation.
That is why there are too many stars in the sky.

I think she talks well
but her words are recylced
I can even memorize her speech before she says it.
And yet
and yet
the room is filled with the applause
I would have never gotten.

Worlds we can see
and worlds we cannot
The difference?
You can't see life anyway.

Poetry and science are like
asking questions.
Except poetry is what and how.
The other is why.

The study of stars.
the study of cosmetics.
Althought it really is the same thing.

The counterpoint of him talking
and the audience plays into his hands
like clay and water.

The quasor (earth)
being slowly eaten away
by a black hole (humans)

The trees smell like
are in the water

Dead tulip petals in the air
heated stone and sweat.
Tumbled in car exhaust.
I would like to think I could recognize him.
But in this formal air--

High ended dreams
and the pursuit of happiness
is like the cut and dry success
packed away in the nightmare of your colors.