~Make you Laugh~

Here's the keys
and take my car
the tank is full
you'll get so far--
it's the point it's
what we're fearing,
distant future and
it's nearing.
Break the windows
slam the door
scream I don't
love you any
it's fantastic it's
a fuckup,
fatal error
it's some grand

Are goodbyes
always messy;
Must I cut me on
the glass?
Are you ever
has our whole life
been outcast?
Will you cry a single
teardrop will you
tear the photographs--
scream I don't love you anymore:
do I still make you laugh?

Pound the wall
and dent the scratch,
it worked out nice
but that's the catch--
it's the truth it's
now revealing,
it's the old lines
with new feeling.
Slam it back and
break the bone
scream won't you
just leave me
it's abuse it's
love me tender,
sweet reverie
I don't

Are goodbyes
always violent;
must I break me on
the floor?
Have you ever felt
a feeling,
will you just walk
out the door?
Will you look back
and remember
will you burn the photographs--
scream won't you please don't hurt me:
does that still make you laugh?

Take your things
and don't forget
to take mine too
but no regrets--
it's routine it's
new procedure,
leave only scars
that shouldn't
be here.
Slam it home and
break the news
scream do you feed
off this
it's from the blue
but we expected,
bruises proof

Are goodbyes always
like this;
must I always be
in pain?
Will you grow some
human mercy,
will you toss me down
Will you ever feel regretful
will you miss
the photographs--
scream do you feed of this abuse:
did that thought make you laugh?

(The typewriter is eloquent,
it says 'all work no play'
and I am forced to wonder
if the words are yours or
it's own private say. . .)

Are goodbyes
always tearful;
Must you always make
me cry?
Are you ever
will you kill it once
I die?
Will you even try to miss
me will you
cut my photographs--

(I don't love you anymore)


(Won't you please I so adore)


(don't you love me anymore)

(Scream I don't love you anymore)

. . .but do I make you laugh?

~(c) 2002 The Mad Poet (A.K. LaBelle)