I was inspired by myself! Yes, as I was writing "Iris" (Shameless plug, go read it), I wrote a couple of lines, and decided they'd make an interesting poem. So some of the lines are directly taken from that songfic, and others are derived from it. The bits in italics are to be whispered.

…And she can still remember

Still remember it all

And she can still see

See herself fall

Silence is golden

And she has the Midas touch

Silence follows through her home

But she doesn't mind that much

And sometimes, she knows the truth

It's when she's trying not to cry

And it's when she lives the place

Hopes and dreams go to die

When happiness is all a joke

Tagging along with fate

And when nobody knows what love means

Because all they do it hate

And then one day she found it

A solution perfect in every way

And then she became addicted

And she died every day

She didn't need to believe

Not when she could feel

And she didn't need to understand

Because none of this was real

She didn't need to be numb

Not when she could bleed

She tasted warmth on her tongue

And her soul began to feed.