Welcome, gentle friends, to the work of literature known as Sieg Heil. Despite its name, this fic is not a Neo-Nazi propaganda bit, nor is it meant to glorify the Thrid Reich any more than it is meant to glorify Soviet Communism. Both were terrible, totalitarian regimes that cost millions of lives. But not all of the citizens of the Soviet Union were evil, nasty, bastardly people...nor, in that respect, were all the people of Nazi Germany. This tells of some of their stories...

This is a novel of alternate history, a story of what might have been, loosely based on the great book Fox on the Rhine by Douglas Niles and Micheal Dobson. In this reality, the Bomb Plot of Colonel Count Claus Schenk von Stauffenberg succeeded...Adolf Hitler is dead. But in his place, the Reichsführer-SS, Heinrich Himmler, has risen to the Führership...and his proved himself even smarter and more ruthless than the dictator before him. Orchestrating a seperate, temporary peace with the U.S.S.R. in order to strike back at the Allies in the West is just the beginning...the new Führer also mass-produces the Me-262 jet fighter and Type XXII U-boat, as well as encouraging the development of super-heavy tanks. Finally, he reinstates Feldmarschall Erwin Rommel to the western theater...

The entire Wehrmacht, however, is saddled with a tremendous lack of fuel. Worse, Erwin Rommel butts heads with the new dictator on the issue of tactic vs. strategy. This comes to a head at Metz, a small town in France that has become a meat grinder for General George S. Patton's troops. Finally, in a surprising move, Himmler concedes, and Metz's troops are allowed to withdraw.

Rommel, coordinating his efforts with the Luftwaffe and the Kriegsmarine, leads a brilliant counteroffensive known as Fuchs am Rhein, a push through France and Belgium to get at what the German armies need most...fuel. In this counteroffensive, the biggest fuel stockpile of the Allies, Antwerp, and several other gas stations are captured. Although Rommel is narly defeated by an attack on his blind side at Dinant, the Feldmarschall manages to defend the small bridges...with the help of Himmler himself inside Germany's newest innovation...the Moloch (Juggernaut) Mark i superheavy tank.

The fighting on the continent continues, but Rommel manages to outfox the Allies, and the Free French are overwhelmed by a newly revitalized Wehrmacht. In a series of brilliant victories, the Desert Fox not only defeats his old nemesis, Patton, but pushes the Allies out of Europe entirely. It is a great day for the Third Reich...and a black day for freedom.

Seeing the need for a supreme commander of great integrity, someone like Hermann Göring *should* have been, Himmler gives Rommel the highest military rank not that of the Führer himself...he is raised to Reichsmarschall of the Wehrmacht, and awarded, for saving his Fatherland, the Star of the Grand Cross of the Knight's Cross, Germany's highest military honor.

However, on the Eastern Front, Himmler has not been idle. The new dictator has forged an alliance between himself and the head of the Soviet secret police, the NKVD...and through the NKVD, the Gestapo, and the efforts of the SS intelligence arm, the Siecherheitsdienst, he is able to orchestrate Operation Nidhogg...the assassination plot that kills Josef Stalin.

Not everything goes to Himmler's plan. The NKVD fails to take over the country, and its head is killed, though not before managing to execute several Soviet military leaders, including Zhukov. The Soviet Union now passes to the hands of Nikita Khruschev, a firey, hardline Communist with a longtime loathing of both Stalin and Nazi Germany.

But the Reich is prepared. In the summer of 1945, the most ambitious military project yet is launched...the plans for a second invasion of Russia. A plan to trap the Soviet Union in a pincer movement, and thereby destroy it...a plan so unlike Hitler's it boggles the mind.

And this is where our story begins....