It came quickly enough, and the arrangements were being made up until the last minute. Each family was pitching in money for the food, band, and the rental of the farmhouse. Matt and his family were staying with us for a couple nights so they didn't have to stay in a hotel. My parents, taking into consideration the fact that we were a couple, made us sleep in separate rooms, and Matt's parents were quick to agree.

Thanksgiving day was spent preparing the food that had been assigned to each of our families, which included the cranberries, two pumpkin pies, and stuffing. After we had showered and dressed, Matt, Kiera, Jenny and I all piled into my car while the four adults took my dad's car.

After about an hour, we reached the quaint farmhouse, located pretty much in the middle of nowhere on a dirt road out in the country. Bright orange pumpkins decorated the front porch and strands of little white lights were wrapped tastefully in the bushes and around the front door. A few cars were already parked in the street, one of which I recognized as my Aunt Michelle's, one of the coolest aunts on the planet. The air was pretty chilly, which was to be expected of November, but it was heightened by the fact that we had forgotten to take our jackets. My sweater and khaki pants didn't do too much to keep out the cold.

Matt put an arm around my shoulders as we walked into the farmhouse where we were greeted by the faint glow of scented candles and more little white lights with touches of greenery. My mom gave both of us sharp looks as my grandma came bustling down the hallway into the entrance to greet us. Matt immediately dropped his arm and settled for giving my hand a squeeze. I couldn't help but notice how stunning he looked in a deep blue shirt and light brown pants. The shirt nearly matched his eyes, and I couldn't help but feel drawn into them.
I pulled myself away to hug my grandmother and introduce her to Matt. We weren't out to the whole family, but I had decided to tell a few of my aunts and uncles, leaving it up to them to spread it around. Sure enough, my grandmother had heard the news and said, "Nice to meet you, Matt. Are you the boyfriend I've heard about?"

I could see Matt blush a little as he replied, "Yes, that would be me."

My grandmother smiled as she replied, "Well, Danny, Luke is bringing his boyfriend, Ryan, tonight as well. Don't worry, kiddo, everyone seems to be at least tolerant of it." Well, my grandmother had just made my list of cool people.

"Thanks, Grandma," I said. "Hey, is the turkey ready yet?"

"Oh no you don't. You know the rule, Danny, you don't get to see it until dinner."

I smiled and replied, "All right, then where's Aunt Michelle? I want to introduce Matt to her."

"She's in the back, dear. Your cousins are here, too. Meghan, Jackie, Tom, Lisa, Patrick, and Nicky should be back there."

As we walked back there, I started to become a little apprehensive. Tom and Meghan were my age, and I wasn't quite sure how they'd react to meeting Matt. I was hoping they'd be okay with it. Lisa, Patrick, and Nicky, my Aunt Michelle and Uncle Henry's kids announced my arrival into the back to everyone.

As I was trying to take in the surroundings of the warm, inviting rooms with their slanted and worn wooden floor s and the two fireplaces already housing dancing orange flames, my aunt ran up to me and greeted me with a huge hug.

"Daniel! How are you, sweetie?" she said, pulling back. "That's a nice cologne you're wearing, what is it? Maybe Henry should get some. Anyway, you can tell me later, how was your summer? How's school? Oh! Who's this? Wait a minute, you must be Matt!" she exclaimed, in her typical energetic fashion.

We've nicknamed her Aunt Energizer Bunny, because she really does just keep going and going. She's the aunt who taught all of us how to dance, really dance, like at nightclubs, tricks to supposedly curing hangovers, even though afterwards she told us that it probably wouldn't do to get drunk underage, and how to successfully sneak out of the house at night, even though she said that if we ever tried it, she'd personally come over and kick our asses into next week.

Matt greeted her and replied, "Yes, I'm Matt. Nice to meet you."

"Just call me Michelle, sweetie. Anyway, come on, you have to meet everyone!"

Tom and Meghan received him well, much to my relief, but the introductions were cut short by exclamations of "Luke's here!"

Matt and I smiled at each other and beat everyone to him and Ryan, running out the front door to greet them with hugs. Uncle Luke gave me a huge hug and Matt and I both greeted Ryan enthusiastically. The four of us made our way back to the front door, where a line of relatives were coming out of the front door to greet the new arrivals.

Introductions went around, and Ryan was received almost as well as Matt. Both Uncle Luke and Ryan were dressed in black and Matt even whispered to me that they looked really good together. Maybe it was just the way that they looked at each other when they thought no one was looking, or the casual touches that seemed to say so much for each of them.

About fifteen minutes later, all thirty-two of us sat down to dinner. My grandma unveiled two huge turkeys and the passing of the huge amounts of food began. Dinner lasted a good two hours, and as the last slivers of daylight dissolved into darkness, more little white lights began lighting up the huge backyard.

As it turned out, neither a DJ nor a band had been opted for, being a little too expensive. Instead my grandma had enlisted the help of my cousins Tom and Michael in creating mixes of new music and oldies on three or four CDs. As dinner was winding down and the desserts were being passed around, a couple of oldies tunes began to filter into the dining room from the living room, which had been cleared to create a dance floor.

Aunt Michelle heard the music and jumped up, grabbing the person sitting next to her, which just happened to be Luke. On her way to the living room, she grabbed my Aunt Cindy, me, Matt, a couple of my cousins, Matt's mom, and my grandma. Aunt Michelle didn't need wine to get crazy, she already was, but we all loved her for it.

Pretty soon, most of the people in the dining room filtered into the living room to dance, some carrying their glasses of wine with them. There was a growing pile of heels on the far wall where most of the women had kicked off their shoes. And then there was the group of dancers, with Aunt Michelle and Uncle Luke right in the middle of it.
Ryan was talking to Matt's mom and my mother seemed to have lost some of her inhibitions to her third glass of wine and was talking animatedly with Uncle Henry. Tom walked by me and I tapped his shoulder.

"Hey, you didn't happen to put any slow songs on any of these, did you?" I asked.

"Yeah, there's a couple on each," he replied with a smile.

A few minutes later, I spotted Luke and Ryan unabashedly dancing with each other. Both of them seemed to be thoroughly enjoying themselves, and no one seemed to give it a second thought. Kiera and Jenny were already out dancing, and Kiera insisted that Matt and I join in on the fun.

"Hey, Danny," she began, "Jenny wants to dance with you on the first slow dance."

I smiled. "Sure. But I want to see you dancing with Matt, then."

She quickly agreed to that one, and just in time, too, because the next song that started playing was slow. I waited to see what Luke and Ryan would do, and sure enough, they immediately paired off, as if it was the most natural thing in the world.

Part of me wanted to dance with Matt, and the other part was still aware of my parents and the rest of my family. I didn't have much of a choice, though, because Jenny quickly found me and waited for me to dance with her. Since she only came up to my chest, I could easily talk to Matt over her head, which I did for most of the dance. After the song ended, Aunt Michelle came over and said to me, "Why don't you dance with Matt? Luke and Ryan look as if they don't see anyone but each other and no one is paying them any mind."

We both shrugged. "Okay, then go open some windows," she said, smiling. "Maybe you can sneak outside and dance at the end of the night when everyone is drunk off their ass."

We laughed at that, but she did have a point. The hours flew by, and pretty soon it was nearing eleven. The last CD was playing, and Matt and I were leaning against a wall by a window, trying to keep cool in a room of thirty sweating people.

He grabbed my hand and led me outside, just as the last slow song started to play on the CD. "Well, that was just impeccable timing, if I do say so myself," he said, grinning. "Come on, I've wanted to hold you all night."

I gladly welcomed his embrace as we began to slowly sway to the song that was filtering out the open windows. His hands found their way to the back of my neck and gently traced patterns on the back of it. Mine found their way under the hem of his shirt and I slowly caressed the bare skin underneath it. We didn't say anything; there was no need to. It was enough to just be able to search his eyes and memorize his face. I could feel him doing the same. He was leaving early the next morning, and we hadn't arranged when we'd see each other again. It was hard not to miss him already, but dancing under the November moon and stars was definitely a good way to say goodbye. He stopped dancing and threaded his fingers through my hair, bringing my head closer so that he could kiss me. I let him control it, waiting to see what he would do. He gently sucked on my bottom lip for a second, then after a couple more seconds, he traced his tongue along my lips, waiting for me to open my mouth. When I did, he hugged me closer and kissed me deeply, slowly sliding his tongue further into my mouth. I heard a faint giggle from inside the house, and the song end, and I felt a couple of snowflakes fall onto my eyelashes, but nothing really registered. All I could feel was him, and right now, that was all I wanted to feel--his scent, his taste, his touch; everything else was absolutely nothing, and he was absolutely everything.


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