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Disclaimer: This story is an original anime/manga. All characters, schools and situations in this story were created by me, in other words, I hope you won't plagiarise my work. This is the third installment in the Mistake series.

Mistake: Phase Three

Chapter 1: the first


The usually cold marble slabs were warmed by the rays of the blazing afternoon sun.

A solitary figure stood in the midst of the courtyard, eyes fixed upon the photograph on the marble.

The picture was of a young women with dark hair. She was sitting on what looked liked a wooden swing and she smiled brightly at her visitor.

He was dressed in a formal suit and a pair of dark glasses adorned his face. He wore no tie, choosing to leave the first few buttons undone and in his hands, he held a bouquet of white daisies.

He bent down and gently placed the flowers at the foot of the grave. Reaching out, he laid a hand on the warm slab, his fingers brushing the photograph as he did.

"Mum." He breathed softly.

There was a period of silence as the man knelt before the grave and then, he stood up again. He took off his glasses, unveiling eyes of the lightest blue.

His name... his name was Ulric Powells.


"Where on earth are they?"

A muffled voice could be heard from deep within the cupboard. "I know I left them here before leaving for school!"

There was the sound of bone colliding against wood followed by loud swearing.

"Dammit! Where is the box?"


"Peanut Butter! You were sitting on it all along!"

Alicia retracted the upper half of her torso from the cupboard and back into her room. She dumped Peanut Butter as well as the box, on the table before dragging a chair from across the room.

She seated herself rather hurriedly and turned the box upside down. A bunch of photographs landed on the table as Peanut Butter leapt to avoid the mess.

She picked up the closest one "Mum took this on the first day I left for Tech U."

Alicia smiled, recalling the school where she had been attending for the past two years as well as her classmates and most importantly how she first met Ulric.

Alicia was staying at her relatives place on request from her father. Gavin was away on a trip and would only return at the end of the week. Alicia knew that her mum disliked coming here alone and so, Gavin had requested that she accompany Electra.

Alicia didn't mind her relatives though she thought them rather arrogant. They were after all, from Josh's side of the family and shared his rather conceited bearing.

Alicia wasn't particularly fond of afternoon tea parties either and was taking refuge in her room.

She arranged the photographs into a neat pile, slowly looking at each one in turn and laughing at some. She couldn't help but grin when she came across one of Ulric.

She gazed down at his unsmiling face affectionately. "I miss you." She whispered, tracing his face with a finger "Where are you?" She sighed and placed the photograph on top of the pile. She then picked up another one.

"Take a look at this." She laughed, showing the picture to her cat.

It was one of Kevin with a mud mask and curlers in his hair. He had been extremely furious when she snapped the photograph and tried bribing her with various large amounts of money to get the negatives.

She was still chuckling at the Kevin's horrified expression when there was a knock on the door.

"Alicia? Can I come in?" But before Alicia could even answer, the person dashed into the room and threw herself on the bed.

"Hello Jocelyn." Alicia greeted the lump on her bed but the figure did not reply and then suddenly, the girl wailed "I am so bored! Why must daddy make me stay at home? Why? Why? Why?"

"I am asking myself the very same question." Alicia mumbled under her breath as she added Kevin's picture to the pile. However, she did not notice the picture slide off and float to the ground where it settled underneath her bed.

"Oooohhh, pictures!" Jocelyn exclaimed, bouncing over to the table. She grabbed the first one on top of the pile and was about to say something when she gasped and blushed "Alicia." She squeaked, one hand on her cheek "Who is this boy? He's so handsome!"

Alicia looked confused and then she smiled "His name is Kevin O'rion. He's my classmate."

Jocelyn swooned.

"His name sounds so beautiful... just like he is."

Alicia was finding it hard to believe that Kevin in his mud mask and curlers was beautiful.

"Erm, Alicia? Do you think you could maybe like, er, help me arrange a, date or something? Please?" Jocelyn asked, clutching the photograph to her heart.

"Sure, Kev would be extremely happy to meet y-"

"Thank you!" Jocelyn shrieked before launching herself onto Alicia in bear hug. "You're welcome but can I have the picture back."

"Oh, here!" Jocelyn flipped it back onto the table and grinned "It's a promise cuz, gotta go now, byeeee!" She waved and exited the room in the same manner she entered.

Alicia gathered Peanut Butter in her arm and stroked the cat's dark fur. "Feeling hungry? Let's go find something to eat."


As her footsteps faded away in the distance, the photographs were still on the table and the very first one was that of a dark haired boy with ice blue eyes, glaring darkly at the camera.


He stared out of the tall windows, watching the rush of the passing traffic below.

Ulric was waiting for his father in his office. He was always waiting for his father. It was never the other way round.

He turned his back on the windows and seated himself into a black leather chair. Twirling his chair slowly, he surveyed his surroundings.

Black and silver were the dominant colours in the room and it gave the overall impression of being the image of professionalism. There were no personal touches in this office, no photographs, no funny coffee mug, nothing that said anything about the man who occupied it. The entire building was the same from the outside, dark and void of life.

Ulric swirled the chair back in view of the windows.

He disliked this place.

It always made him feel so... cold.

To be cont'd.