I wanna drown in my fantasy world,
You have forgotten,
The feel of skin against skin,
In a world long-begotten.

A menancing glare,
A deadly way,
But the thrill is there,
Always to stay.

Burning, full of passion,
It's hard to say what feels more.
Pain or pleasure, take your pick,
Both are standing at my door.

Desire runs through me,
When I look at you,
Your touch burns through me,
More heat than fighting a duel.

Love or lust,
Give or take,
Pleasure or pain,
Make or break.

Lips and tongue,
Kisses and bites,
Lust and love,
Ecstasy and new heights.

I can't control myself,
And turn away from desire,
Away from you hurts so much,
The need for you is dire.

Living away from you, on fire,
Staying away from you, in torture,
Remaining away from you, by hell,
Lasting away from you, at death's door.

I replay us through my mind,
Take the hurt off the present.
Living in a fantasy world,
Pretend you're caressin'.

You've forgotten, some time ago,
I'm inside my world, all the time.
Finally I'm snapped back,
By skin against skin percepted in my mind.

Time to live again,
Love, lust, heat, desire,
Two forbbiden lovers,
With bodies that'll never tire.

Pain and pleasure,
Give and take,
Love and lust,
Make and break.