A broken heart begins to heal,

Now it's breaking again

There was a time I trusted you,

and there was a time you cared.

I tried harder with your friendship than I had with any other,

I guess I saw something hidden inside.

There was a time you let me in,

you used to forgive my mistakes.

All of a sudden you changed,

your idea of how it all should be was different.

You had a new life,

things weren't the same.

You didn't care about what you wanted,

it was all about what others thought.

In a new life with everyone else,

I didn't fit.

My I don't care attitude,

and all my weird ways

weren't what you wanted anymore.

You shut me out,

and wouldn't let me back in.

But remember this,

you can't be what you're not,

and once they figure your true self out you'll be dropped.

So some day when you're free.

and memories play in your head.

When my words echo while you're safe in bed,

you left behind everything,

and went for it all.

Now you've got nothing,

and you're all alone.

You made the choice,

and you lost me.