Most of us aren't children anymore,
Not as innocent as before.
But people keep telling us what to do,
Like we'll stop running sometime soon.

We've learned the ways to lie,
Deceit, trickery, to new heights.
The sun goes down, the moon comes up,
The party's wild, and it'll never stop.

All the bad things we learned to do,
It's time for us to pay our due.
It's just one night, so what the heck?
Take the pleasure, ditch the pain.

Now time to get dirty and down,
Pleasure comes up, down goes the frown.
Down to the ground and stay all night,
Nothing'll happen, it'll stay all right.

No worries, no fear,
All cigarettes and beer.
The sun comes up, the moon goes down,
We're still at it, and we'll never stop.

The party's just started, no time to leave,
Get high and drunk, no space to grieve.
Get it on with someone, one night stand,
Go home sober, saying at a friend's.

The life is wild, the price is high,
Pretty soon you will start to die.
Is the pleasure worth your life, your soul,
What's the truth, I don't know.

Pick the side, never leave,
Content with the fight, never grieve.
Do what's right, never regret,
Take what's yours, never forget.