-My Angel-

She stood there like a vision,
Right before my very eyes.
Her voice, so light and airy,
Like the clouds up in the sky.

We talked and laughed together,
Almost every single day.
We would walk around together,
In the cool inviting shade.

But just as I had met her,
Or so it seemed to me.
I found I had to leave her,
For a land foreign to me.

And now I haven't seen her,
For a near eternity,
And her sweet and airy voice,
Has been forever lost to me.

Oh what I wouldn't give for,
Just a moment in the shade.
To walk, to talk, to laugh with you,
For my memory will not fade.

Of the time we spent together,
With our friends far in the past.
I really miss my time with you,
But it wasn't meant to last.

I wrote this little poem,
To express what I can't say.
To my precious little angel,
I bid farewell today.