As It Has Been

The sun follows its trace
as it has been for so many days
I can see clouds slowly going by
and I don't wonder nor ask why

Time keeps on slipping out of my hand
And I know, someday life will end
Those ways are there so many years
Those ways are those of many tears

As it has been for eternity
Breathing gives life to me
But suddenly there's a change
Things slide and rearrange

Suddenly I need more to live
And I wonder why I can't breathe
without the love you give
Like in summer a soft warm breeze
that feeds the clouds with life
Like rain which keeps flowers alive

As it has been for eternity
Love gives strength to thee
And suddenly I realize
why there are so many skies

Because for you and me
the world would be to small
Because for you and me
One sky wouldn't be enough at all

As it has been - I do not care
Because we create our own universe
with all the feelings we share
Going far beyond all things on earth

[Note: You will find this poem also in the Story 'All Over Again' (R&R)]