Mm. I like this one. Period. Nothing more to say. A bit self-reflective, a bit spur of the moment. ^_^

Paradise in Flames

Gone are the days of insanity -
when the bees swarmed forth
and the animals teethed,
when my only hope still lay breathing.

And the poor dripping mess
lying on the living room couch
has stayed the same all these years;
a throbbing ache, a seething grouch.

Sunlight is manufactured
in a windowless room;
the dusty gears insure the sad fact
that we'll always view life through

A protecting veil, the one that bleeds,
a useless artifact of the rusty past.
And the undanceable waltz still plays
as if on constant distorted rotation.

I'll still be the brunt of neighborhood jokes;
I'll still be the little girl
who didn't know when to disappear
and didn't die when she was told to.

Every day I put on a brave face
for the world to see - but you know me!
And for better or worse,
you've dropped the meaningless curse.

All your hellos only serve
to initialize a designated civility,
as if to drag me into conversation
was to save me from the burning city,

The place where I grew up all in flames
and no one wants to see me flee,
see me tossed about in the mourning tree,
see me.

Inspired by the song, or at least pieces of the song, Paris in Flames, by Thursday. Whee. Please review!