Over centuries ago, in the years of Medieval castles and Knights, creatures called "Monsters" roamed the Earth. They used to be used strictly for good, thanks to a special Orb that contained them, called a 'Mon-Orb'.
One day, the Dark Lord Sufocus cast a type of Black Magick, which slowly turned the Monsters against their Masters. Sufocus abused the power of Monsters, and used them strictly for Evil, nothing
The chosen guardians of the Earth came and slaughtered Sufocus and his evil minions, and together cast a spell to lock the rest of the Monsters away in eternal Purgatory called "The Seal of Truth"...
Now, seven hundred years later, something had disrupted the balance of Time, and the Seal of Truth has been mysteriously opened, and new warriors must be chosen.

This is where our story begins...
In modern day Japan, starting with a girl...

A very special girl...

The Kinah Dai

It was a beautiful day; no dark clouds, no rain, no wind. Just a warm sun. A perfect morning for an outdoor gym class. This is what Teracatchi Junior High's gym teacher, Mr. Mitsuko thought, and his 7th grade afternoon class agreed with him.
Mr. Mitsuko was a tall man, who had broad shoulders, and a sturdy build. He wore a blue baseball cap, a blue spring jacket, and a pair of jogging pants to go with his black running shoes
. "Okay, Seruma. You're up!" he called out.
A small crowd of girls who stood around a fence, wearing gym class uniforms looked towards one girl, who had red eyes, and her light orange hair was cut fairly loosely to her head. Her skin was fair, and pale, in comparison to a lot of the other children in the class.
"Hai, I'm ready." she said, stepping forward a bit.
"You can do it, Eri!" called out a girl whom had big green eyes, and long dark blue hair, which was tied into a ponytail. Her skin was also pale. Her name was Mackenzie, Eri's best friend. The girl named Eri nodded. Mr. Mitsuko raised a cap gun into the air, and fired.
Eri was off like a shot. She ran her fastest down towards a high jump course, and panted softly sweat rolling off her face. She got ready, and jumped high into the air, and right over the pole. Eri landed on a hand and knee, and all the girls by the fence ran to her, cheering. "Great job!" Mackenzie said happily.
"You're the best, Eri!"
"Is there nothing she can't do?"
Over by the boy's side, a kid with short brown hair, which was loose to his head, looked up. His eyes seemed to be half closed, as he watched the event. Another boy with light brown hair, which was long at the back and wore round, thick glasses, which made his blue eyes seem huge came up to him.
"Beautiful, -and- an athlete! The perfect girl..." The boy with glasses said, sighing softly. "Don't you think, Timoshi?" The first boy looked at him, and tossed him the basketball he was holding.
"Shut up, and play the game, Kyosuke."

* * *

"And 16 times 20 is...what? Can anyone tell me what that is?" Asked Miss Youse, the teacher of the final class, math for our 7th graders. She gazed around at all the children, whom either seemed dumbfounded at the question, or who weren't paying attention. Miss Youse sighed and flipped back her black hair out of her eyes.
Mackenzie, now wearing the black and white school uniform, which was for girls: a green and black plaid kilt, a black V-neck sweater, and a black hair band, bent over to the Eri, who sat next to her.
She was staring at the question on the board, as if it were some wacked-out food at the caff. "Hey, Eri." She whispered. Eri turned her head to the dark blue haired girl. "Hmm?" Mackenzie smiled. "Timoshi seems to know what he's doing." The two girls looked up at Timoshi, who sat in the front row. The uniform that he wore for boys consisted of a black pull-over with a zipper at the front, and black pants. He was scribbling in his note book. "He looks like the only one who does." Eri laughed quietly.
"Ahem!... Miss Seruma! Maybe -you- know the answer? I'm just guessing since you and Miss Tsuki are talking so much!" Miss Youse said sternly at Eri. Eri almost fell out of her chair. "Uhm... The uhm..." Mackenzie leaned over slightly. "320..." she whispered. Eri straightened up. "320." She said proudly. Miss Youse sighed. "Hai!... That -is- the correct answer... and thank you, Miss Tsuki... for your help." Mackenzie giggled, a little embarrassed.
The bell rang with a loud clanging sound. "Your homework for the weekend is that paper on Shanghai... It's due on Wednesday! Have a good long weekend!" Miss Youse yelled as all the children piled out the door.
Eri and Mackenzie walked down the side walk of the glorious town of Thaiti. "Wow, I thought classes would -never- end, today! It was sooo boring... What did you think, Madi?" Eri asked, her backpack hanging on her shoulders, her hands behind her head.
Mackenzie sighed quietly, looking a bit upset, holding her books against her chest. Eri lowered her hands, and looked to her friend. "Madi?... Are you okay?"Mackenzie looked up at Eri, with a soft smile. "Yea... Everything is oki-doki here!" Eri smiled. "Kay." The two girls trailed down to Mackenzie's house, where they always went for chocolate milk, and tasty treats.
The two girls traveled up the stairs of Mackenzie's two story home, into her bed room. It was at the front of the house, painted white. There was a black bunk bed in the far right corner...the room was painted light blue. A white dresser was beside the window, and a white bookshelf was against the wall, behind the bunk bed filled with some books, and stuffed animals.
"So..." Eri said in a happy manner, sitting on the bed. "What are we gonna do?" Mackenzie sat next to her, in deep thought. Eri looked over at Mackenzie, really worried. "Mackenzie...Are you honestly okay?... I mean--" "Eri, there's something I have to tell you..." The 13 year old interrupted, looking at her friend, with a nervous, and upset look in her eyes.
"What is it?" Eri blinked. Mackenzie suddenly hugged Eri with all her might, crying softly on her shoulder. "Eri... I... I love you..." Eri smiled softly, and hugged back. "Madi.. I love you too. All friends love each other in one way or another." she said, assuring her friend everything was okay. "No..." Mackenzie sniffled, letting go and looking Eri straight in the eyes. "Not that kind of love..."
Eri was confused. "Huh? What do you mean?" Mackenzie gulped a bit. "Well... what I mean is..." she started. "I... Uhm... I..." Eri blinked a few times, confused. "Oh, what the Hell!" Mackenzie said in frustration, and suddenly kissed Eri, right on the lips! Eri let out a yelp, and face-faulted to one side. Mackenzie blushed profusely. "I'm sorry, Eri... I didn't know how else to say..." Eri sat up, both shocked and speechless, touching her lips lightly.
There was a sudden knock on the door, and it opened. Ms. Tsuki came in with a plate of chocolate milk and sweets for the girls. She set the plate down in the middle of them and smiled. "Did you two have a good day at school?" the two 13 year old girls nodded quietly. "Enjoy!" Ms. Tsuki told them, and left.
Mackenzie sighed softly. "I'm sorry, Eri... I didn't mean to scare you if I did..." Eri munched on a candy softly. "Mackenzie... Why didn't you tell me before, I mean, we've been friends since grade two, you know." Mackenzie nodded, her hands on her lap, formed into loose fists, sitting on her knees. "I was scared... I didn't know how you would react..."
Eri smiled softly. "No problem. I guess... I kinda felt the same about you. In a way." she blushed. Mackenzie laughed, and munched on a candy. "And ya know what else?" Eri asked, with a big smile on her face. "No, what?" Mackenzie asked, swallowing the candy. Eri leaned over, and kissed Mackenzie on the lips softly.
There was a long silence between the two of them, except the faint moans of them kissing. Eri slowly pulled back, a deep blush in her cheeks. Mackenzie smiled. "Thank you, Eri-chan... I guess we're the 'Onwa ai', hmm?" Eri smiled softly, swallowing a bite of a muffin.
* * *

It was morning, the next day. The light shone thru Mackenzie's window, a bright ray of light falling across her face. "Mmm..." Madi stirred a little as the sun warmed her face, her eyes slowly opening. She smiled softly, and whispered to the bunk above her. "Eri, love?... It's morning..." Eri yawned. "Nnngghh..." she groaned as she stretched, she then sat up, wearing a pair of blue jammies.
Mackenzie sat up, got out of bed, and walked to the window. "Such a beautiful morning..." she said, almost in a whisper, gazing out into the world. Eri looked down at Mackenzie, who was wearing white jammies, with big, purple dots on them. "What do you want to do today?" Eri asked, yawning again. Mackenzie, twirled around like a ballerina, and faced Eri, with a warm smile on her face. "Anything... I'm so happy..." Eri smiled. "Well... I think we'd better have breakfast before we actually do anything, hmm?" she grinned. Mackenzie nodded, her smile still on her face.
Ms. Tsuki was in the kitchen when the two girls entered. "Morning, you two!" Ms. Tsuki said happily, smiling at them. "Breakfast is on the table." The two girls went to the table, and sat down. Eri poured herself a bowl of cereal, and started to eat hungrily.
Mackenzie sighed. "Hey, Eri? You wanna go to the library and work on our homework after dinner?" Eri looked up, from eating. "Sure! Why not?" she said, her mouth full. "It gives us more of a weekend!" Mackenzie smiled, and started to eat too.

* * *

Mackenzie and Eri soon left the house. Eri wore a tight pink shirt with a blue stripe on the front, a red ribbon in her hair, tight navy blue jeans, and red and white sneakers. Mackenzie wore a black skirt, with white socks, black buckle-up shoes, and a dark blue sweater. And they both wore their backpacks.
Eri sighed. "I really hope the library has the books we need..." she said, her hands behind her head. Mackenzie smiled at Eri. "Don't worry, I've already checked them out. The library's more quiet to study. Besides, we could always use the Internet there." Eri smiled "You have a mind, for everything, Mackenzie!"
Suddenly, Timoshi and Kyosuke crashed right into them. "Ahh!!" Eri yelped as she and Mackenzie hit the pavement with a loud thump. "Oww! Watch where you're going!" Eri whined "Uh...uhh... We're really sorry, Eri and Mackenzie..." Kyosuke apologized, helping the two of them up.
"You're such a Nimrod, Kyosuke..." Said Timoshi, rubbing his head, and standing up. "Huh!? You should be talking! You crashed into them, too!" Kyosuke argued, a fist ready at Tim's face.
Timoshi bowed slightly to the girls. "Please pardon us... Kyo and I were just on our way to the library, to work on yesterday's homework." Timoshi said, his eyes opened slightly. Kyosuke looked at Eri and Mackenzie. "So... where are you two going on such a beautiful day?" Eri smiled. "To the library." "Ooohh..." said Kyosuke, a hand behind his head, smiling like an idiot. "Would you like to--"
Timoshi whacked Kyosuke in the back of the head. "Come on, lover boy, We have to go. I don't want you getting all lovey-dovey now." he said, smirking. The two girls watched as Timoshi dragged Kyosuke down the street by the ear. Eri blinked. "Weird boys..." Mackenzie blushed lightly. "How embarrassing..."
Once Mackenzie and Eri got to the library, they immediately went to do their work, getting it done as quick as possible. Eri blinked. "I don't get this at all..." Mackenzie smiled, and leaned over to look at her love's paper so she could help. What they didn't know, was that Kyosuke and Timoshi were sitting a few tables behind them.
"Grr... I wish we could get closer..." Said Kyosuke impatiently. Timoshi yawned. "Listen, lover boy, we have work to be done. If you want to go gallivanting for Eri Seruma's heart, go right ahead, but I'm sure you'll get an 'F' on both the project and asking her out." Kyosuke glared at Timoshi in anger.
"Why do you always have to be such a pessimist!?" Timoshi yawned again. "Why do you always have to fall flat on your face when you see a pretty girl?" Kyosuke face-faulted out of his chair. "Gaaahhh..." Timoshi looked down at him. "Baka... Get up, and start working."
As Kyosuke got up, he caught a glimpse of Mackenzie and Eri giggling, and helping each other. "Such beauty...held in one body... such glory..." Hearts fluttered above Kyosuke's head, and he sighed softly. Timoshi shook his head, and continued writing.
Kyosuke suddenly caught Mackenzie kiss Eri on the cheek. "I wonder why girls can kiss each other, but guys can't..." Timoshi looked up. "Are you suggesting I french kiss you right here and now?" Kyosuke's eyes went wide, and a deep blush came across his face. "I... think I'm gonna do my work now..." he said, and buried his face in a studies book. Timoshi glanced at the two girls."Hmm..."
A few minutes later (which seemed like hours, to Kyosuke), Timoshi put his writing away, and closed his books. "I'm going home. See you, Kyosuke..." Kyosuke looked up at him. "Huh? Oh...okay... See you soon..."
Suddenly, the place started to shake, and people either fell out of their chairs, or grabbed onto something for support. "Gaahh!!" Mackenzie and Eri both fell over, on top of each other, right when they were about to kiss deeply. Timoshi grabbed the table, keeping his balance, and Kyosuke fell out of his chair, and knocked his head against a book shelf, leaving him unconscious. "What the heck was that!?" Timoshi demanded.
He stumbled over to the girls, and helped them up. "Are you two okay?" "Yeah... I'll live." Eri groaned, holding her head. Mackenzie nodded, assuring the two she was okay. "What was that? An earthquake?" Eri asked, rubbing her head. Timoshi shook his head. "That was too strong to be an earthquake..." he said solemnly. "But whatever it was, it knocked a few people clean across the room..."
"Maybe we should go out and see what it was..." Mackenzie suggested quietly. The two others nodded, and the made their way outside.
There was a huge surprise waiting for them when they got out. "Oh my Gods!" Eri yelped, seeing what seemed to be the whole town destroyed. Mackenzie gasped. "What could have caused such a disaster!?" "I don't know... but it doesn't look too good..." Timoshi said sternly.
Suddenly, the place started to shake again, and suddenly, the ground before them burst open! A giant rock-like snake with black eyes, spikes that were pointing sideways on the sides of its head, and a huge jaw appeared before them, roaring with anger.
"W-whoa! What on earth is -that-!? Eri asked aloud, and fell on her bum. "I dunno, but we gotta get outta here, before that thing eats us!" Timoshi told them. Mackenzie helped Eri up, and the three ran for it.
The three of them ran as fast as they could, the stone like snake creature slithering right behind them. They ran fast, but not as fast as the creature; it sped up behind them quickly, figuring they were its lunch.
"There's no place to hide!" Mackenzie cried out. "Oh, don't be so pessimistic! Nothing to worry about!" Timoshi told her. "Nothing to worry about!? What are you, stupid in the head!?" Eri demanded. "There's a huge snake chasing us! Of course there's something to worry about!"
Timoshi suddenly stopped. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING!? TRYING TO GET US KILLED!?!?" Eri almost bit Timoshi's head off. "Silence, Eri, nothing to fear!"he told her.
"I know I shouldn't do this, but..." Timoshi pulled off a pendant of some sort from his neck, and raised it into the air. "Earth Sword, I summon you to vanquish the enemies of the Dark!... Come now!" The pendant turned into a black handled wide bladed sword.
"What the heck!?" Eri asked, in complete shock. Mackenzie hid behind Eri. "Eri, Mackenzie, get out of here!" Timoshi yelled to them. The two girls nodded, and hid behind some rubble. "Come on, you pile of pebbles, let's get this done with..." Timoshi yelled at the creature. The giant stone snake snarled, and shot down at Timoshi.
Timoshi, with excellent speed, jumped out of the way, and landed on a pile of rubble. "Hmm... you like tough play, huh? Well, 'tough' is my middle name! (No it isn't. It's Kai, but what the hell?)" Timoshi stood up, and stared at the giant stone snake.
The stone snake shot at him again, and Timoshi quickly slid backwards, and rammed his sword into the snake's head.
There was a sort of flash, and the two stayed motionless, for the longest time... Then the snake suddenly collapsed with a giant thud. Mackenzie and Eri looked up slowly. "I--is it dead?" Eri asked, frightened. Mackenzie stood right up, staring hard at Timoshi.
Timoshi, who was panting a lot, reached out, and pulled his sword from the creature's head, and turned to look at the girls. "...It's dead... Everything's alright now..." Eri slowly stood up, shaking as if she were hit by a freeze spell. "That... That was..." "Amazing? Weird? Awesome?" Timoshi tried to guess. Eri nodded slightly, her jaw hanging out like an idiot..
Suddenly, the snake shot got up, and shot itself at the three, picking up Timoshi in its jaws. "H-heyy!! Put me down!!" Timoshi yelled. Eri yelped in fear. "It has Timoshi! What are we gonna do!?" Mackenzie demanded. Eri looked around, and grabbed a long metal pole. "I'm gonna save him..." She said sternly.
Timoshi yelped. "N, no, Eri! You'll get killed!" Eri growled, not listening, and held the pole in an attacking stance. "No one... but -no one- tries to eat my friends and gets away with it!" She yelled. Mackenzie stood back. "Do be careful, Eri!" Eri nodded, and then ran right at the creature, the pole ready.
"Raaahhh!!!!!" she yelled, and threw the pole at the giant stone snake, as hard as she could. "I order you to surrender your power to me. Now!!" she yelled. The creature screamed loudly, as the pole pierced thru the back of its head. It shook its head violently and dropped Timoshi into a huge pile of dirt.
Suddenly, everything turned back to normal, as if there had been no creature at all! "Owwww..." Timoshi whined, dragging himself over the pile, and looking down at the two girls. "Huh?... Hey! Where's that monster!?" he yelled down to them. Mackenzie smiled up to Timoshi. "Eri killed it! She got a big pole and rammed it right thru that thing!"
Eri blinked, and fell to her knees, over whelmed by what had just happened.
"Seruma! I heard you say something. What was it!?" Eri and Madi looked at Timoshi, hoping nothing was wrong. "D-did I do something wrong?..." Eri asked, a little scared. Timoshi shook his head. "No! Eri, those words... what did you say again?" Eri thought for a moment. "I think it was 'Surrender your power to me now'... Why?"
Timoshi stared at Eri hard... and suddenly gasped. ((She couldn't be one too... Could she!?))
Suddenly, a sound of something glass-like was heard rolling towards then, and stopped at Eri's side. She picked it up, and looked at it. It was a round gray glass orb with an engraving of a snake on it. "What's this?..." she pondered.
Timoshi leaped down, in front of Eri, and stopped dead in front of her. "You... can hold that??..." Eri looked up at Timoshi, as if he were retarded. "Uh, yeah." she said a little confused.
Timoshi grinned. "You -are- a Captor..." "A what?" Eri asked, cocking her head to one side. Timoshi kneeled to Eri's height. "A Kinah Dai, ... or Monster Slayer, Eri. We protect the people of Monsters that have escaped the "Seal of Truth" long, long ago... And we can only hold those orbs. If anyone else does, they'll burn!"
Mackenzie knelt with the both of them. "I've heard of those! Monster Slayers have been around... for a -long- while!" Timoshi nodded. "For about seven hundred years, to be exact."
Eri blinked. "I have to kill monsters?" Timoshi nodded. "Yep... And I will teach you how." Eri was shocked; so shocked that all she could get out was: "...I guess... I've always wanted a hobby..."

The three entered the library, and gazed around. Eri was shocked. People sat around the tables, doing their work, reading, and surfing the Internet. "What the... People are acting as if nothing's happened!" Timoshi nodded. "Exactly. Sit down."
They sat down at a table. Timoshi helped Kyosuke up, who was fast asleep.
"You see," Tim started. "When a Monster is killed, or captured, everything that was incorporated with it simply disappears, and no one else, except us remember the events. We need to remember because we are decedents of the original Kinah Dai."
"So then I guess..." Eri stopped for a moment, glancing over at Mackenzie. "I guess Mackenzie is... like me, too, right?" Timoshi nodded.

"Don't worry so much about our job now... I'll come by tomorrow, and we can go over everything." ... "Is this really happening?... -I- am the protector of Japan alongside you?... Unbelievable!"