The Final Slay
Part 2

The four Monster Slayers stood in front of the cloaked figure whom Timoshi claimed to be Viktor Sufocus. They all had their weapons ready, not letting their guard down. Even Innaho held her bent Flame Trident in front of her.
"You are right..." began Sufocus. "I am he, the Lord of all Monsters." "...Only by Black Magick!" Timoshi hissed, seeming extremely affected by the old Magician's actions from the past. Sufocus chuckled slightly. "Hold, child... let me speak." "Why!?" Timoshi demanded. "So you can stall before I slit your throat, ear-to-ear?!" Two red balls of light flashed deep in the hood of Sufocus's robes. "Silence!" he yelled out in anger. Timoshi growled softly, and stayed silent.
Sufocus gazed at each of the girls for a moment or two, making them feel uncomfortable. "One of you is extremely special to me." he said to them, stepping closer. His eyes slowly rested on Eri. "Ah... Eriya Takashi Seruma..."
Eri blinked, and shuddered a bit. "H-how did you know my name?..." Sufocus laughed hard, and the two red balls of light flashed once more. "I know many things, my dear... But I've heard lots about you! Everyone's heard of you."
Eri grew puzzled, and blushed lightly in embarrassment. "Everyone?..." Sufocus's cold figure sent a shiver down the young girl's spine. "Yes..." The Magician hissed softly. "You are a very special girl, Eriya... You are why I, and my Monsters were able to escape from our ... purgatory, if you will."
"What exactly do you mean?" Mackenzie asked, stepping forward a bit. "Don't believe him," Timoshi scoffed, his eyes closed and arms crossed. "It's a trick."
Sufocus slowly floated towards Eri, and stood right in front of her. "Jhonen didn't tell you the whole truth." He told her. "Haven't you ever wondered why the last twelve Monsters have basically gone after you, and you alone?" Eri's eyes went wide, remembering all her encounters... Sufocus was right! The majority of the Monsters came after -her-!
"In the year 1302 my wife died of childbirth..." Sufocus started. "I could sense that the child's Magickal power was extremely strong, especially for a newborn! Thinking this could benefit me, I sent that child 700 years into the future, so if I failed at my project, she could resume it, and finish what her father couldn't. Eriya, my little newborn... It's so good to see you again..." A red curve crept across the area below the dark Magician's red eyes...as if it were a smile.
"What!?" The four kids were utterly shocked. Eri's eyes slowly widened more. The young girl just stood there, silent and confused.
"Now... show me what power you have mastered!" Sufocus told her. "Destroy your enemies...destroy these pathetic Humans, and join me... Together, we can rule both the Monster and Human realms... as father and daughter..." Eri slowly looked up at Sufocus, and slowly at her three friends.
"I swear, Seruma, if you even -dare- lay a finger on me you'll wish you were never born!" Innaho barked. Mackenzie backed up against Timoshi, frightened. "She wouldn't ... would she?..." Timoshi didn't answer the question. He just growled, gritting his teeth.
The zipper on Eri's Mon-Orb pouch opened on its own, and Cloria's Mon-Orb slowly floated out, in front of her. Eri put her hands on either sides of the Mon-Orb, and slowly looked down at the engravement. "Destroy my enemies?..." She asked. "Yes! All of your enemies, my dearest..." Sufocus urged her. Eri stabbed the engravement with the tip of her sword, her blade glowing a bright yellow.
"Alright...father." Eri said, and suddenly swung her sword back, and blasted a beam of light at Sufocus. The dark Magician went flying into the air, and was soon stopped by a large cherry blossom tree. Eri snorted, and had her sword return to pendant form. "There's no way in Hell I'll -ever- betray my friends, Sufocus!" she told him.
Sufocus growled, slowly standing up. "You'll regret doing that, girl!" He yelled, pointing his staff at Eri. "With the lives of everyone in this town!" He quickly flew into the air, and raised his arms to the sky.
"Black King! I ask you to grant me the power of your son, Diablo!" "What is he doing!?" Innaho demanded. A large explosion of light erupted from Sufocus, and a large orange inverted pentagram formed from under the Magician's feet. Eri watched Sufocus silently, remembering her dream.
Sufocus let out a malicious laugh, as he raised his right arm into the air. His hand started glowing a bright green, and suddenly a large portion of the town exploded, leaving nothing but a large crater. "Ohmigosh!" Mackenzie yelped. "No way..." Timoshi said in a hushed whisper.
People far below in the streets screamed, and were panicking as they tried to get to shelter, or at least out of the way, but Sufocus didn't let up. Crater after crater, the town of Thaiti was turning into an endless field of death and destruction!
A large explosion erupted from Eri's own street which literally shook the ground, leaving our four heros butt-first on the ground. Eri groaned and suddenly stepped back, horrified. "What is it?" Timoshi asked, not having seen what happened. Eri let out little gasps, her chest heaving hard. "My house... Mum... Dad!..." Standing where Eri's home, and many other houses were was nothing! No trace of anything except tainted soil.
Sufocus laughed harder, raising both arms into the air, destroying everything in sight. Tears welled up in Eri's eyes. She clenched her fists tightly. "STOP IT!" she screamed. "Stop it right now!!" An evil cackle was heard from Eri's apparent father, but he just wouldn't listen.
"We have to stop this!" Innaho told the others. Mackenzie and Timoshi nodded. "On the count of three, we all use our strongest Mon-Orbs to try and get Sufocus away from destroying the town."
"No..." Eri said softly. The three slayers turned to her. "Eri, if we don't do this, Thaiti will be a wasteland by 7:15!" Mackenzie told her. "I don't care!" Eri growled. "I'm going to fight Sufocus on my own, and I don't want to hear any complaints about it, got it?" Mackenzie shuddered, and cowered a bit. "A-alright..."
"Are you sure about this?" Innaho asked, not really sure of the idea. Eri nodded. "I'm fully sure of this." Her pendant started to glow, and a large orange pentagram formed under Eri's feet, lifting her into the sky. "Somebody's gotta stop him before anything else happens!"
Timoshi ran forward, and stood a few feet in front of the rising Monster Slayer. "Eri!" he called. "Yes?" She asked, looking down at him. "...Be careful, alright?" Timoshi told her, wincing. Eri nodded. "I will, Timoshi. Don't worry about me." Timoshi watched Eri rise more, and blushed deeply.
There was a short pause, and Timoshi sighed, gaining confidence. "I..." he started. "--Love you too, Timoshi..." Eri interrupted, a soft smile on her face. Timoshi blushed deeply, and nodded.
Eri slowly rose up to Sufocus's level. Sufocus let out an evil laugh, and lowered his arms, staring at the young girl. Eri squinted at him as a strong wind picked up. She growled a bit, doing her best to keep her balance.
"Eri... Eri Seruma..." Sufocus seemed to beckon her. "I never thought I'd see the day when my own daughter would betray me... But I guess I shouldn't blame you; being surrounded by those people who claim to be your friends, but really brain-wash you into thinking I am evil..."
Eri silently pulled off her pendant, and it materialized into her sword without even her telling it to. She held it at her side, glaring at Sufocus. The wind picked up more, and sounded as if it were saying her name... Eriya...Eriya Seruma...

Down below, the three Slayers just watched. "What is she doing!?" Innaho demanded. "I thought she was going to kill him!" she protested. "Shush, Innaho." Timoshi told her. "Eri knows what she's doing..."
Just then, Kyosuke appeared beside Timoshi, clenching his fists tightly, watching what was happening. "Kyosuke!" Timoshi said, surprised. "Did I miss anything good?" Kyosuke asked. Timoshi sighed, closing his eyes. "Only the fact that Eri is really Sufocus's daughter..." Kyosuke blinked, and turned his head to his friend. "That's a shocking ending."

Eri slowly readied her sword, and growled. "I see you want to fight me, Eri..." Sufocus acknowledged. "Alright then... but it'll be your loss!" Eri smirked slyly. "Think again..." And with that, she charged her sword's blade, and flew at Sufocus at a ramming speed.
There was a large explosion of light which seemed to light up the entire ruins of the town. Timoshi and the other squinted hard, trying to make out what was happening. The light faded quickly, revealing the two fighters with their weapons up, blocking each other.
Sufocus laughed hard, and shoved the determined girl away from him. "Enough games!" he cried, growing serious. "I will show you what it means to truly contend with me!" He let go of his staff, and it suddenly vanished.
"This will make up for not spending time with my little girl!" Suddenly, with a quick flash, the dark Magician clubbed Eri in the face with a hard knuckle sandwich. Eri flew back a bit, and rubbed her aching cheek. Eri growled and flew back at Sufocus for a reprisal.
Again, and again, and again, Eri was beaten mercilessly. She was thrown into several trees, and punched pretty hard, but no matter how many times she was hit, she came back, determined to defeat Sufocus.

Eri panted hard, floating a few feet in front of the Magician. She wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. "I won't give up until I kill you..." She said, pulling out Cloria's Mon-Orb. Sufocus laughed wickedly, mocking Eri.

"What's she doing!?" Mackenzie demanded. "The only thing she -can- do..." Kyosuke told her.

Eri closed her eyes, and threw her Mon-Orb in the air. "Cloria, Monster of Light! I ask you to inflict damage on Sufocus!" Beams of light burst from the Mon-Orb. Eri held her sword in front of her, and thrust forward, a strong blast of light engulfing Sufocus.
There was a short paused. Eri just floated there, panting hard, waiting... The smoke slowly cleared, and floating there was Sufocus, not a scratch on him! "What!?"... Eri was shocked. "That was my strongest attack, and it didn't even phase him!"
Sufocus laughed hard and manically. "Was that the best you could do, little girl? That was the most pathetic thing I have ever seen!" With that, Sufocus landed on the roof of a green house, charged up his entire body, and fired a large red beam of energy at Eri.
The attack hit her dead on, engulfing her within seconds. Eri's eyes went wide, and she let out an agonizing scream. Just as the attack ended, the poor girl went limp, and started falling to the ground.

Timoshi gasped, and ran forward, catching her with a sift movement. "Eri, are you alright?" There was no response from the battered Slayer. "Eri!" He shook her a bit. The three other kids ran forward, extremely worried. "Is she alright!?" Mackenzie asked, looking her over. Timoshi closed his eyes, and didn't answer. Slowly, he fell to his knees to lay the limp girl on the ground.
He glared up at Sufocus, and tears welled up in his eyes. "I'll kill you!!" he yelled. Timoshi jumped up high into the sky, and landed on the roof. He dashed forward, attacking Sufocus with all his might.
Just then, Eri's Mon-Orb pouch started glowing brightly. It burst open, and all of her Mon-Orbs floated into the air slowly, above Eri. The three kids stood back a bit. Innaho's and Timoshi's Mon-Orb pouches burst open, and all of their Mon-Orbs went to Eri.
The young girl started glowing, and slowly lifted into the air, with the Mon-Orbs. Timoshi and Sufocus stopped fighting to see what was going on. Eri floated in the air, the Mon-Orbs floating in a circular form around her. "What the hell?..." Timoshi blinked, not knowing what to do or say.
"Viktor Sufocus!..." five voices seemed to bellow at him. "You have broken the Laws of Nature for the last time!" Five shadows formed in front of Eri. Their ghostly images slowly floated there, watching the Magician. A symbol formed on each of the figures, making Sufocus cower a bit.
Timoshi looked hard at the figures, and their emblems. "Earth, Fire, Thunder, Snow, and Spirit..." He blinked, and realised who these people were. "We are the ghosts of the first Monster Slayers." The voices said to the evil Magician. "We cannot allow you to destroy this girl... Her destiny is not completed yet."
Timoshi landed with his friends, and stared up at the event, as was everyone else. "And what business do you have with her?" Sufocus asked the figures, growling. "We are here to protect her, and her friends from the evil that you create." the figures answered.
Eri opened her eyes, and blinked, dazed. She gripped her sword tightly, and looked up at the figures in front of her, but all she saw was the ghostly figure of Noa, smiling at her warmly. 'I believe in you ... Little sister...' she heard him say. Eri nodded, and raised her sword into the air.
"Viktor Sufocus!" she yelled out. Sufocus growled, staring at his daughter. "By the Laws of Nature that you have corrupted, I order you to surrender your power to me .... NOW!!" The Mon-Orbs glowed brightly, their energy passing thru Eri, to her sword's blade. She thrust forward, and a large red ball of energy shot out at Sufocus.
"Nooo!!!" Sufocus screamed as the ball of Energy hit him. "This cannot be!" he cried out, slowly dissolving from bottom to up. "You haven't heard the last of me!"
The Mon-Orbs glowed brightly, and set Eri down on the ground. The four friends ran over to her, and Mackenzie hugged her tightly. "Are you alright!?" Eri nodded. "Mmm." She looked over at Timoshi, and smiled softly at him. Timoshi smiled back, and stepped closer to the group. "It's finally over..." Eri sighed. "Sufocus is dead, and the Monsters are all slain."

The five shadowy figures appeared in front of the five kids. "Slayers..." They called to them. The kids looked up, and lowered their weapons, kneeling to the ghosts in respect.. "Sufocus is now defeated, and your task is over..." The ghosts told them. "Because of this, you are needed no longer... Your memories will be erased, and your lives will start over from when you first discovered the Monsters..." The Slayers stood silent, acknowledging this.
Kyosuke sighed, getting up and walked over beside the ghosts. "What are you doing?" Timoshi asked him. "I'm dead, Tim, remember? I can't be revived. As long as you four don't have your memories, I, Kyosuke Dojinshi have never existed..." Timoshi nodded, remembering that law. "Right..."
The ghosts of the previous Slayers gazed over the four current Slayers. "Have a full and happy life, Monster Slayers... We'll be watching you, always, and forever..."

BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! Eri grumbled, reaching over to hit her alarm clock until she found the off button. She slowly sat up, rubbing her head. "Ugh... What a night..." she groaned, glancing at her clock. "I wish it was Saturday..." Eri folded back the sheets, and got out of bed to get dressed.
Eri scampered down the stairs, and directly into the kitchen. "Good morning! Did Mum and dad already go to work?" she asked, smiling warmly. Noa folded down the news paper he was reading, and yawned. "Morning, kid... And yes, they did... You sleep well?" Eri shrugged. "Not really... I was working on that Shanghai assignment until 11:00 last night..."
Noa raised an eyebrow slightly. "Is this for the teacher who teaches both Math and History?" Eri nodded, and stretched before sitting down. "Yup... Ms. Youse." Noa went back to reading. "Well eat your breakfast quickly, it's getting cold."

Eri slowly trudged along her street, gazing forward. Instead up running, or jogging like she usually did, Eri decided to take her time, thinking about a few things. A girl on a bicycle with red hair, cut into a kind of a brush cut zoomed by, almost knocking over Eri. "Sorry about that!" she called. Eri looked up, and blinked. "It's...alright." she said softly.

Eri closed her locker door, sighing softly. She gathered her binders, and trudged down the hall, to her first period class. "You alright, Eri?" a familiar voice asked from behind her. Eri blinked as a boy with brown hair, and long bangs came up beside her, holding the straps of his backpack close to him.
"Timoshi..." she sighed. "Yeah, I'm fine. I just had a rough time getting to sleep last night." Timoshi nodded. "That happens to me sometimes... Well, I'll see you in class." Eri nodded, and he walked off in front of her. Eri stopped walking, and watched Timoshi walk forward into the shadows of the hallway. She shook her head, and kept walking, ignoring the feeling that kept nagging at her, as if something was missing.

* * *

Later on that day, Mr. Mitsuko, the school's gym teacher decided to have gym outside, since it was a beautiful day. "Okay, Seruma. You're up!" he called out.
A small crowd of girls who stood around a fence, wearing gym class uniforms looked towards Eri, as if expecting her to do a tremendous feat that no one else could do. Eri sighed, not paying attention. She was off in her little world, thinking about the empty feeling that kept tugging at her.
"Seruma! I said it's your turn." Mr. Mitsuko repeated. Eri shook her head, and looked up at him. "Oh, uh... yeah."
"You can do it, Eri!" called out a girl whom long dark blue hair, which was tied into a ponytail. Her name was Mackenzie, Eri's best friend. Eri nodded towards her friend, and looked back towards the track. Mr. Mitsuko raised a cap gun into the air, and fired.
With that, Eri was off like a shot. Dirt trailed behind her feet as she dashed along the trail, readying herself to jump over the high-jump pole. She lifted into the air, kicking some of the dust, letting out a grunt of effort.

"What a weird dream I had... Someone told me once that dreams are a gate to the subconscious, and most often tell the future..."