One Stormy Night....

One stormy night

I went to bed

Only to be awaken by dread

I moaned as I rolled over

Hoping to dream

But my dogs started barking

I yelled at them at the top of my lungs

But they didn't hear me, just my mom

After a lecture and a cookie

I tried to sleep again

I finally gave up and fell out of bed

I wandered to the bathroom

Hoping to wake up

I stumbled over a vacuum cleaner

And hit my head on the counter

I rolled over on the ground; holding my aching head

Then something came and attacked me

Making me mad

I stood up on my feet

Only to fall over again

I growled and crawled down the stairs

I didn't make it far before I crawled out a door

I mumbled something strange

Then wandered into the kitchen looking for chicken

And lo and behold!

My best friend was eating my bread!

I asked her what she was doing

She merely shrugged and told me to shut up

I stumbled into my dining room only to see

My boyfriend eating spaghetti!

I was really scared then

Hoping not to find a blue haired boy in my living room

I stumbled into there to find a Squeaky Toy!

It was potato shaped and it had epilepsy

I was now ready to scream

I fell down a flight of stairs

Then rolled into the recording studio

I found a flaming pie there

Someone was worshiping it

I looked at the person

Unable to comprehend a thing

Until she sang "Michigan"

I knew it then

She was the Queen

I positively screamed!

A loud crash resounded again

I opened my eyes to find I was in bed!