It is 12:23 in the morning, on the day of January 20th, and I have finished Elaborate Eccentricities. So here's my longass author's note to celebrate.

I must admit, it feels very weird to be done with Elaborate Eccentricities. Of all my works on here, the two I have poured a lot of feelings into are Counting Cigarettes and ElabEcc. It's a little known fact that I wrote 15 chapters of ElabEcc in one weekend, all the way back in July marking its start. Chapters ranged from near the end to the first chapter. I can honestly say, this is the way ElabEcc was almost entirely written, whenever I felt overwhelmed by inspiration. I'm hoping that shows in it a bit.

There are some things in ElabEcc I'd like to go over, if not for any purpose but my own processing:

The Promise Ring. Promise rings, particularly Celtic ones, are an oddity of mine. I adore them. Anita wearing the promise ring to me symbolized the devotion between her and Lottie, and served as a constant reminder.

The most emotional chapter for me to write was the one when Lottie tells Anita to throw the ring into the river, which is also by the way, the last chapter written. It was a great thing to write, and I'll admit, as a butch lesbian secure enough in my butchness, I actually started crying at one point. Bringing the quotes from the first promise chapter really gave it a feeling of finality for me.

Zambrosia. Zambrosia was created quite by accident. She was only meant to illustrate the relationship between one thing ruining another, but then, I fell in love with writing the character. There's just something about Zamb, that even I can't put my finger on. She's very blunt, and perhaps how I think most of us aspire to be. She's the one character who's personality made me really feel something, how she seemed so comfortable with herself, and at the same time, she's a very scared, insecure child, and I'm quite enamored with the character, more than I've ever been with any other, yes, this includes Aleck McGee. I love writing her.

Zambrosia is eccentricity at its finest, even down to her name, which was created by taking Ambrosia, which is among other things, the food of Gods thought to insure immortality, and adding the Z to make it different.

Pittsburgh and all things in Pittsburgh. I don't know why I chose the town of Pittsburgh, it was really just the first one that came to my mind. Originally, I'd wanted to use the Castro, the gay district of San Francisco, but I thought that'd be too cliched, so Pittsburgh came randomly to my mind. But there's something to it that worked. The things in Pittsburgh are all Lottie's past. I used the trip to Pittsburgh to show that. Lottie could never deal with her present and future without facing her past. And she does that in Pittsburgh.

Love and Monogamy and Polyamory. Love and monogamy in this story are very separate and close-knit things. At the end, Lottie admits her love for Zambrosia, and they get into a relationship. But, if you caught it, it is not a monogamous relationship- they will continue to be with other people. I think, this is a very deep level of love on a different scale. Lottie and Zamb love each other to know not to own each other. While I think monogamy is a great thing, I wanted something in here to be pro-polyamory.

Who does Lottie love? That's a very question. The answer I've come up with, is Lottie loved Megan first. There is a very deep connection between them that time did not phase, that prevented her from giving herself fully. Lottie loved Taylor the best. She says it: "You were the one, the only one who ever really had my heart, who I wasn't just in love with, but at peace with. You were the only one."

The real key in that statement is 'at peace with'. Taylor was the one Lottie loved best- but it never would have worked with Taylor. Taylor wanted something from Lottie that Lottie was want not able to give.

As for Anita, there's a very deep love there as well, but it's a very different love, one that did not last the test of time, and hate, and anger, and betrayal. Lottie does love Anita, not nearly as much as Anita loves Lottie, but it's there and that's real.

And in the end, Zambrosia is the only one Lottie can love and be with.

Characters. The characters come from a plethora of places, really. I'll go through them.

Taylor. At the time I started conceiving the idea of Taylor, I made my then girlfriend Kimber write down all the favorable qualities she thought I embodied, and then some of the negative ones. It was a very interesting list, and a bit too flattering for accuracy, though she claims it's accurate. I took those characteristics, and made Taylor.

Anita. Anita in her purest form is an ex of mine, who also by the way is the role model of Mack in Just Like The Weather. Anita is a better side of that girl, and the side I like to remember, even with all the bad tossed in.

Lottie. I don't know where Lottie came from… but she is my most complicated character. Lottie is best described as a butch trying to go femme, cos that's what she's doing. Lottie embodies confusion. Lottie is magnificent.

Zambrosia. See the above entry on her.

Jonah. Jonah is nothing like my own brother, but he based off my brother's best friend who I grew up with. He is a wanderer and quite in love with life, though in all honestly, he's a mock-poetic slacker who doesn't know a damn thing. He can also be quite an asshole.

Advin. Advin is not really based on anyone, he is a spectre that has haunted thoughts for a long time. The original character Advin was actually in the first story I ever wrote which is the original version of Just Like The Weather. I brought the character into this because he intrigued me so, and I wanted to take the different, sensitive, femme gay boy and make him evil.

Megan. Megan is the most important character in this… she embodies the past and indecision. I don't know where she came from either, but she's one of the clearest characters I've ever had. She is mystery, and she is wonderful.

Inspirations. Yes, there were inspirations writing this.

The books, Valencia by Michelle Tea, and Shy Girl by Elizabeth Stark.

The music of Brad Yoder, who I can guarantee most of you have never heard of. Brad, or Tilo as I know him, is a little known singer/songwriter from, yep, you guessed it, Pittsburgh, who I met at the German Camp, Waldsee, a Concordia Language Village. His music (folk-rock) is amazing, and I'd recommend you all head over to . His music was what was playing while writing especially the last five chapters of this.

The movie Gia, which was one a lot when I was writing. It's a great film everyone should go see.

And lastly, I've got to give credit to Daneorange. Kitten is undoubtedly one of my biggest inspirations. Her work always inspires me to raise the bar more, to better my own work. Her work is truly amazing and makes me want to be that good.


I can honestly tell you right now that there will be no definite sequel to ElabEcc, but there is a very good chance I will be writing a prequel. I am madly in love with writing the character Zambrosia, and I think I'd like to write her and Taylor, in their teen years. I think it's interesting to see how someone like Dorothy Jane is created. So, you can maybe look out for that.

Otherwise, that's where we end. Read my other stuff and review that. And don't forget to review this, if you want me to write something about Zambrosia.

Thank you, my readers, for sticking with me through the end of this story. Don't think I don't appreciate the reviews and words of encouragement. Thanks again.

Peace on Earth,