1. The end

She starred at herself in the mirror.. A pair of green eyes in a pale face starred back. She raised her right hand and started drawing a complex figure in the air.

- Please work, please work.. she thought desperately.

Everyone in the room was looking at her. She felt the cold sweat running down her forehead.

- Come on, we haven't got all day. The Prime Teacher sounded a bit cranky.

She started mumbling:

- Ara saroa vhi, ara saroa vhi... She held her breath and waited.. Nothing happened.

- This is outrageous!! The headmasters clear voice cut through the room like a knife.

- Even a mage from underschool could do this!! I recommend that she is set free of her liaison with this school since she obviously isn't interested in learning anything!!

- Calm yourself my dear friends! Her alchemist teacher interrupted.

- The girl isn't lazy at all!! Her powers are simply different then ours! I've seen her bend reality in the most speculating ways just by thinking of it, yet she is by some reason unable to learn the simple formulas you require for normal magic, such as opening portals.. It is like her force wont be restrained by the rules we have forced upon ours.

- Alastor, you old fool, you're talking nonsense!! The force is a tool to use as well as a hammer or a sword.. It isn't some being with a mind of it's own. now sit down and let us take care of this.

- Naryana Jadéon.. His voice echoed in the huge and spectacular room they were seated in.

- You have been unable to perform even the most simple kinds of magic in front of this comity. We will therefore decide whether or not you will continue to have a future on this school, by vote. All of those who believe that she should be realized from the school, raise your right hand!!

Her hearth sunk as she watched hundreds and hundreds of risen hands.

The headmaster smiled. - All of those who believe that she, despite her incompetence, should be allowed to stay, raise you right hand!!

A few scattered hands where risen.

She was in shock. It was all over. She would never become a sorceress, and she would never be able to travel the world as she had always dreamt.

- Then it is settled. You will have to leave before sunset tomorrow and.

Wait!! Her teacher, Mr. Alastor interrupted. - The girl is an orphan!! She has nowhere to go!!

- How old are you, girl? This was the first time he had approached her directly and she shivered slightly.

- I'm 15 winters, sir. She said looking directly in his eyes. He didn't like her and she wanted him to know that the feeling was mutual. Hmmm. I'll see to that someone takes care of you and arrange a place for you to stay!! Next case!!

Great, just what she needed, another foster home!! She walked out of the door and headed towards the mage's district. .....