She walked down a path. The mist lay as a silent threat in the forest around her.

She heard someone or something behind her. She started to run.

The mist grew more intense. She couldn't see where she was going.

Suddenly the path ended and she walked out into deep space.

She screamed and fell and fell and fell..

She sat up in her bed and gasped.

- It was just a dream!!

She tumbled out of bed and landed on the floor.

She had to tell her teacher, the last time she had had a nightmare so real, the academy had gotten attacked by nyirenĂȘers.

She got op and hurried towards the teachers residences, and knocked hard on the wooden door.

A sleepy night guard answered the door.

- What?

- I need to speak to sir. Alastor immediately!!

- Ok..ok.., he said without being able to withhold a yawn.

He went up a big staircase and disappeared out of her sight.

A minute later her teacher came rushing down the stairs, in a long dark blue silk robe. It was weird seeing him like that, he always looked so formal, usually wearing a long cloak.

- Yes Jade?

- I've dreamt something tonight. (it sounded better than saying you had had a nightmare!!)

- Oh.. You better come with me. They walked towards the library.

- I was wandering on a path in a misty forest, I started running and suddenly the path ended and I fell into space.

- Into space?

- Yeah. but it was more frightening than it sounds like... and very, very real!!

-Hmmm.. Will you excuse me for a minute??

He picked up some fairy dust from a small bag and threw it in the air. A glowing read portal appeared.

Jade sighed jealously. She would never be able to do things like that. Especially not now.

- Come with me. We have to inform the king about this.

She swallowed hard.

- The king??

-Yes, the king..This is only one of many strange news and signs I've been getting lately.. if I'm not mistaken.I suspect that the kingdom will be in great distress a few weeks from now!

He walked towards the portal and entered it. She took a deep breath and followed. .....