Alive and Well (A Phone Call)

The moment of truth
is here.
The prophesied climax
of events is now,
and my life will be laid
on the altar.
Only in God's hands lies my fate now,
as I'm marched up,
in shackles,
hands cuffed in front of me,
head down in what may or may not
be prayer.

I can't hear my own thoughts
over the beating of my heart
and the throbbing of my head
The bell tolls,
in what seem like endless peals,
a low pitch speaking of my doom,
resounding off the cold, dank walls
of a grey so profound it might devour me.
My hair flows down
my shoulders and back
like the tears that have rolled
down my face.
They shove me violently
onto the ice-cold stone
of the altar that has taken
so many a life...
the blood is caked on the sides.

I turn up my head
to look at their faces—
the faces of my captors—
with a fearful stare,
but I see hooded figures
with invisible faces....
One steps up, ties me down,
the other one raises the knife...

The bell tolls.

Seven-number knife
held above my helpless heart...
The bell's toll halts, and I hear
a voice...

I was expecting a machine,
cold and inhuman,
but the knife still poised above me,
threatening to strike...
"It's me again," I say,
so nervous, shaking, and
he smiles.
My executioner smiles
and laughs,
removes his black hood,
the knife somehow disappearing.
I take his outstretched hand
and he pulls me up from
the stone-cold altar.
The figure who tied me down
was only me—
a figment of my
trembling imagination
that disappears with the knife
I'd crafted myself.

And the feeling of
overtakes me as
he calms my shaken heart...
The Lord spares me now
and never have I
been so alive and well.

Author's Notes: This poem is exactly what it says—a phone call. ...With an extended metaphor, of course. XD I'm a poet, or at least I pretend to be, so what did you expect? ;) However, for once in my life I'm leaving it open to interpretation and opinion, so if you've got anything to say about it, or any questions, review me and/or e-mail me at Alrighty? ^^ Thanks for reading! ~MJ
Date of Composition: August 7th (early a.m.)-13th (late p.m.), 2002