Title: Because Jekyll Loved Hyde

Author: M. Reis AKA Crazywriter (crazywriter@corporatedirtbag.com)

Rating: PG-13

Warnings: Homosexual relations, swearing, medieval violence, and actually thought provoking things involving insanity and love. Watch out for that.

Disclaimers: "The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" was written by the late Robert Louis Stevenson, all copyrights to his descendents. Kath Zanders, Kimber the DragonHart and all other characters in this story are copyright to me, M. Reis.

Author's note: This is a strange little story for me, really. F/F as usual. It's a novel within a novel. Read and see what you think. Read and review, my usual deal, two reviews for the next chapter.

It had not been a good night, Kath Zanders decided, brushing her short, auburn hair out of her eyes. The book signing had not gone well, the usual questions. What was it she was trying to say, they asked. She sighed deeply. Nothing, maybe I'm not saying anything, she had bit back saying. Was the book reflective of her own life? She always rolled her eyes at that one, oh yes, it's all about my many adventures slaying dragons in urban America. Right. And of course, the all-important question of when was the next book coming out?

There would be no more books if she had her way. The words were gone. There were no more words, they were no more books. That simple really.

"Where the hell is my teriyaki chicken?" Kath muttered as she sifted through the refrigerator.

"Looking for this?" Kath turned to see a young woman dressed in brown leather pants and a white shirt sitting on her kitchen table. An assortment of weapons adorned her clothes, a sword slung across her back being most prominent. Her brown hair was pulled back and she wore an arrogant smirk. She was also eating the chicken out of the take-out box.

"Who are you?" Kath asked in shock, "And no offense, but what's with the Renaissance look? You're not some idiot fan, are you?" The intruder looked annoyed.

"Don't recognize me?" Kath shook my head. The stranger hopped off the table. "Kimber the DragonHart." She offered her hand for me to shake. Kath took it warily.

"So, uh, fangirl, are you going to get out or should I call the police?"

"Whatever," She said airily, "We need to talk." I looked at her in shocked awe.

"What do you want?" Kath asked resigned, "An autograph? Know when the next books coming out?"

"I told you, I'm not one of your fans," An accent seemed to be more pronounced, Kath noted, as the intruder got agitated. Late Britannia, she determined, "I told you, I'm Kimber."

"Right, how could I forget?" Kath said getting angry, "Look, I know you sci-fi fantasy fans are a bit nutty, but we can get you help, all right? I'm gonna to hit this button and security is going to come, all right? They'll find you some help." Kimber's eyes flew wide as Kath pressed the security button. She drew the sword from the holster across her back and stood at ready.

"Bring on your palace guards." She said confidently, setting herself in front of the door. Kath raised an eyebrow and thirty seconds later two armed security guards entered the room.

"What's the problem?" The burlier of the two asked. She gestured at Kimber.

"This intruder." Kath said frustrated.

"Um, Ms. Zanders," the shorter guard started, "There's no one there."

"Yes, there is!" She protested angrily, "She's got a weapon can't you see her?" The guards exchanged curious looks.

"Ms. Zanders, would you like us to call a hospital perhaps? Have you injured yourself in any way?" The shorter guard asked carefully. Kath stared at them in disbelief.

"My God, what good are you?" Kath exploded, "Just get out!" The guards exchanged looks and left.

Kimber turned and smiled, "They can't see me."

"What the fuck is going on?" Kath ranted, "You had a sword drawn and they acted as though you weren't there!"

"They can't see me," Kimber repeated.

Kath turned to stare at her, "What are you?" Kimber took this as the appropriate moment for grandeur and sheathed her sword and bowed in a fluid motion.

"Kimber the DragonHart."

"No, not who, what?"

"A shadow warrior," Kimber said, her black eyes dancing with mischief, "A creature from another realm."

"So I see you're read the books well," Kath said sarcastically, "But it doesn't matter, it's late," Kath yawned for effect, "I'm off to bed. You'd better be gone when I wake up." Kath started walking down the hall, Kimber following her into the bedroom.

"Not bad, though I expected something more…" She shrugged, "Obsessive compulsive."

"Like I said, I'm not you," Kath shot back.

"Good enough." Kimber looked at Kath studiously, "What should I call you?"

"Whatever you wish I suppose, you'll be gone soon, I'm probably just hallucinating. A good nights rest is all I need."

"I'll call you chief," Kimber decided.

"Fine, I'm going to sleep."

"Sounds great," Kimber commented leaning in the doorframe, "I'll guard the door."

"How long are you sticking around?" Kath asked in surprise.

"Long as it takes."

"As long as what takes?" Kath asked, she was starting to get annoyed again.

"That's for me to know," Kimber shrugged, "It's why I was sent."

"Sent?" Kath asked incredulously, "What do you think you are, an angel?"

"So you believe in God?" She said surprised. "Wow."

Kath shook her head, "No."


"Let's not label it, okay?"

"So what are you then?" She said curiously, "What do you believe?"

"I'm an almost," She explained, "I almost believe."


"Yeah, in the end, it's just a nice fairy tale."

"How sad," she stated diplomatically. Kath just shrugged.

"Not sad, just realistic." Kath pulled back the covers of her bed, "The glass isn't half-empty of half-full… just four ounces in an eight ounce glass."

"How bitter," she commented slowly.

"Not bitter," Kath found herself shrugging again; "So you're not an angel, where are you from?"

"Same place all your characters are from, an alternate universe."

"Right, tell me another one."

"You're pretty narrow-minded for some embittered author who's seeing a physical manifestation of their main character."

"So I'm nutters," Kath shrugged once more, "Doesn't mean I'm stupid. Alternate universe indeed, I don't hold with that nonsense."

"God what are you?" Kimber said in shock, "Eighty, ninety years old?"

"Oh, bugger off." she said testily, "I just don't believe you're sent from another dimension. I'm just… too tired, working too hard. You'll be gone in the morning."

"Wanna bet?" she asked cheekily.

Kath rolled her eyes and turned the lamp off and fell asleep.


Kimber could not sleep. And she meant that, she was incapable of sleep. She wondered around the apartment, searching for amusement. It was a simple apartment, much to her dismay. Three rooms, well four if you counted the privy. A large room acting as the kitchen and living area and then the bedroom. And one room at the end of the hallway that she had not seen.

Carefully, quietly, she opened the door of the mystery room. She drew in her breath sharply, gasping at the number of books. The walls were simply bookcases; each filled. A large desk was placed in the middle of the room, next to a table covered in books. Kimber walked over, running her fingers over the binding of the books, inhaling the scent of paper and ink. She walked over to the desk, glancing at the few books on the desk. Carefully, she picked one up.

"Echoes of the DragonHart," She read aloud, before flipping the book open and reading. She sank back into the desk chair.

Daybreak had come and Kimber the DragonHart was restless. Restless to say because she had left it behind. It, she called it in her mind. She would not, could not name it, naming it made it real, all of it real, the fear, the emotions, the way it had made her question… and the pain. And Kimber did not like to feel pain.

No, she did not like it at all

It was not too late, she reflected, she could indeed turn back. Turn back, go back, return to the legacy she left behind, the power.

Kimber already missed the power. The power of the DragonHart. She had to leave the title of DragonHart behind, for she knew it was not safe.

Indeed not. Proclaiming yourself a Hart was not safe outside of the HartLands.

She was not safe outside of the HartLands.

That did not, however, bother her. As she had said before, she could take care of herself.

Because she was after all, a Hart, a shapeshifter, a shadow warrior. But most importantly, she was the DragonHart.

And that, she could not forget.

Kimber set the book down. This was hitting too close to home, she realized. Too close, too, too close.

Because, oh yeah… it was home. Kimber pushed the thought to the back of her mind and began looking around more. She opened a desk drawer, pulled out some old letters in there. She flipped through them.

"Family," Kimber said aloud, "And old girlfriends." She shrugged and read one. A break-up letter. Kimber felt a stab of pain. She didn't like thinking of her human being hurt. Realizing the thought she jerked slightly.

No, that simply couldn't happen, she decided.

She could not feel affection for some human.