A/N: A while ago something horrible happened. My keyboard broke. In a fit of boredom I wrote this poem. But it's okay now. I got a new keyboard. Otherwise, I wouldn't be typing this, now would I? Enjoy! ~Athalia.


The Loss of a Keyboard


I'm a very "wordy" person.

I like to write and chat, you see.

When I don't have my keyboard friend

The world is dead to me.

I tried real hard to fix it

My keyboard, I did hit.

But that did not work this time,

The worthless piece of shit.

I tried some other keyboards

We've got lying 'round this place.

But none of them fit my PC.

I gave up in disgrace.

I've been wrestles ever since.

Just wandering 'round my home.

My PC, I cannot use!

God, I feel so alone!

My life's devoid of fun and joy

And- Hey look, there's a knife!

I think I'll plunge it through my heart

To end this awful strife.

Usually I love to read

And sometimes watch TV.

Now the computer world is gone

And it's where I want to be!

The loss of my dear keyboard friend

Has really hit me hard.

I feel so oddly cold inside.

From normality, I'm barred.

But I shan't mourn forever more!

A new one I shall buy.

And if that keyboard fails me to

I'll just curl up and die.

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