Have you ever sat back and wondered at the world?
Laid back and rode it as it whirled?
Suited up, strapped in,
And watched the madness as it unfurled?

Wondered why rain is called rain
Instead of wet?
Or why pain feels like pain
And gets us upset?

Why overpopulation
Comes often as ovulation
Why any othe species
Is looked upon as feces

Why is ecstacy only a drug?
Why is it now molestation, instead of a hug?
Why is individuality a problem to plug?
Why are all our problems swept under the rug?

Free thinkers are quite the threat
To those who are in global debt
Owing all more than they can give
Lapping it up while good strive to live.

When apathy is all that gets you through
When procrastination is all you do
You may not be the greater good
But at least the problem isn't you.