So where do I run when the tears come from you The pain in knowing there's nothing I can do And while I'm lying in the dark without you I wonder if you're crying, too.

When days stretch to weeks, But it's only been an hour And I'm going through the motions When all the sweet is sour

There are no thoughts in my head I only feel feelings of dread Animosity for the weeks ahead Till they're over, I'm good as dead

You'll be back soon, I know it and so do you We didn't want to be askew But while I'm sitting in school, thinking of you I wonder if you're crying, too.

The worst of all is that you're unhappy All the good in the world once came from your smile Without it the stability, validity of my life drains We'll see how well I pass this trial

You say when we meet you'll be some insane From solitude, labor, and emotional pain Without that "shed of insight and reality true" Don't worry babe, I'm going with you

Now I find my faith in few Face the darkness I once slew But while I'm on the phone with anyone but you I wonder if you're crying, too.

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder But what does it do, I wonder When there's no more fondness I can make And no more absence I can take.