Love & Pain
Tim Blake

When we first met,
I thought you were the one
We'd always hug eachother,
and kiss one another,
and call each one "Hun"

A year has past though,
and my happiness
though strong like glue,
I had several doubts about
how you
felt about me.

I did my best to keep you happy,
I did all you wanted me to.
I accepted you're utter busyness
and your "No Affection" rule.
But God dammit, how I missed you.

But all of a sudden, you come up to me
and you say only a thing of one:

"You're too Attatched to me."

And with that you left me.

Why did you do this to me?
After all I have done for you?
...What did I do?...

...To hurt you?...