By:Andrew Troy Keller

If you were to bet a whole dime
On not ever finding a paradox in time,
Chances are that you are going to loose that bet.
You see,there could be some that are a possible threat.
But no matter how much you slice it,there's no escaping the black hole of time.

My name is Steven Carpenter,formerly of the USS Sahara.
I was also one of those who had been sucked into another era.
I was in one of the shuttlecraft on a survey mission
To study the aftermath of a twin sun fusion.

But suddenly,something had gone wrong.
The shuttle's systems were going hayware and there was a loud gong.
It had kept getting louder and louder
As the shuttle roared closer and closer.
I've tried to break the shuttle from the vortex,but it was too strong.

And then,after the shuttle has been finally sucked into
The paradox of time,there was nothing for me to do,
But to just sit back and enjoy the ride.
I've rode the very long energy tide,
Until the shuttle had arrived in a time which was long ago.

I've landed in the year 1969,
Which was a very confusing time,
For there was a war going on in a place
Called Viet Nam--one that was dividing some of the human race,
For some people were protesting against the war--claiming it to be a crime.

I've wanted to get back into my little ship
And go through the vortex for a reverse time-trip.
But much to my shock,
The US military had took it to be place under lock
And key.In short,I had taken a one-way trip.

I've had no other choice but to rome,
For there was indeed no other way home.
Suddenly,I've came upon the festival of rock
Known only as Woodstock.

Everyone was enjoying the wonderous musical tone.
And it was there that I've met Simone.
Right there and then,I was able to see
That Simone is indeed quite the beauty.
It was Woodstock,1969 that I've fallen in love with Simone.

And as to this day,I'm still glad to have Simone in my life.
Even before she and I became husband and wife
A couple of months after Woodstock.We now have a son,
Brian and a daughter,Becky.They are my only reason
For staying in the past and start a whole life.

I've gave my life a brand new start,
Because I love my new family with all my heart.