I don't know what to say, I haven't the slightest idea where this came from....

The "Imagination" Cronicals Episode One [Potato Girl]

Madison yawned lazily, clicking the off button on the televison. Reruns could entertain a normal fourteen year old to death. The problem was, Madison wasn't normal.

"Hey!" She shouted triumphantly, remembering the present her friend had given her. A home made book of pure joy. Nothing but Elijah Wood and Orlando Bloom photographs.

Dashing to her basement room she scrounged around madly, seaching under every peice of junk that was over flowing from her room. Okay, so she's not a very organized person. Or tidy. Or sane. Which leads into our next point.

Now, when you get completely bored, you all do amazingly weird things to amuse yourself, correct? Well, even if you don't, pretend that you do.

Madison defeatedly gave up her quest and plopped down on the floor. Suddenly as if it were glowing with pure and holy light, as if part of some corny show, there it lay. The heart and soul of all childrens amusment. A very large cardboard box.

Come on now, you know you used to do this, or maybe you still do, like I was five minutes ago, being the reason for this story.

She literally shreiked with complete and utter joy, as if a little Canadian leprechan had just given her a pot of gold. Yes, Canadian. Why? Because Canadians kick ass. So, in case you haven't figured it out yet, I am American. Damn it! Anywho, back at the ranch-

In fact, she jumped for joy! Jumped for joy right into the box, can't you just imagine it? And suddenly she understood. The meaning of life! It was so simple so clear! But then, Madison being Madison, a very forgetful little tenth grader (And little she was, only five foot two. On a good day of course.), forgot. Luckily in the process of forgetting she had an idea.

"I will use my Imagination," she empasized 'Imagination' very slowly and carefully. I believe she is possessed.

And suddenly, there she was!

Oh you'd never guess this, because another thing you need to know is that Madison has very dull fantasys. Original, but very very dull. Perhaps that's why her mom always thinks she's on drugs. The whiner.

Poseing dramaticly, she rolled into a ball, sticking one arm into the air.

"I am soap on a rope!" She proclaimed silently to the world, for soap on a rope cannot talk. And the box you say? Well, all soap on a rope must have packaging.

Then, suddenly, "Imagination" seized her once again. She lay down on the bottom of the box, took hold of her feet so her body made a circle, and somehow started to turn while still being on her side, on the ground.

"I am filthy laundry in the washing machine!" She proclaimed silently to the world, for filthy laundry, though dirtier and un-soap like, cannot talk either. How strange. And the box? Well, the laundry machine of course.

By now you must see where this is going. So now is your chance to run away mumbling about how terrible and pointless this is. If you continue, you will only delay the inevitable further. I pity you for reading this.

INTERMISSION (Yes, intermission. Go get yourself some candy and pickles. And could you bring me a peach please?)

I thought I told you not to read this. Oh well, can't hold me accountable, but I guess that doesn't matter anyways. I'm just the writer, you don't listen to me...

Madison continues to spin, around and around and around. She is getting very dizzy and cannot see clearly. Suddenly! She stops, breathing loudly, because she is out of breath. Ever so lightly, her foot taps the side of the cardboard.

An explosion is heard! When the smoke clears, everything is gone. Oh poor Madison, perhaps you can find something else to go on adventures with!

Oh god, you read that? Really? Well, then you get the neat-o stamp of approval if you review! You can even be in a future episode! But, only if you review. I wasn't going to continue this, but I think I might now, it's strangely fun to write. But, then again I may not if no one reviews. So review, and tell me, "How did that make you feel?" Please?