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The Innocent


It was in an old church known for it's architectural beauty, the black stone walls, long slender bell towers with golden bells, intricately carved designs on the doors and large beautiful stained glass windows sure to attract people from miles around, where the young girl lay.

The large church, having been empty for quite some time and other than dust in the corners was in nice shape, became a sanctuary for the young girl, lying in the corner.

Her green eyes looked up at the ceiling, painted with pictures of angels and fat little cherubs, and she sat up. As she did so she put her hand on the floor to help push her self up, her hand pressed into the gold cross lying on the floor. She looked slowly down at her hand, then she brought it up to her face, holding it inches from her nose. Her eyes looked glazed over, no emotion in them. She slowly cocked her head to the side as she watched a thin trail of blood, bright red against the sickly paleness of her skin; slowly slide down her palm, where the cut was, and down her wrist.

Ignoring her hand the girl slowly stood up, looking around the abandoned church. Looking down she saw the cross in which she had cut herself on. She once again cocked her head to the side and looked at the cross. It was quite beautiful. No more than four inches long, it had intricate patterns of angels and holy people carved into it, with a simple carving of Jesus in the middle. It hung on a golden chain, much like a rosary. Right now the sharp edges of the cross were tainted with blood, almost brown in color, now that it was almost dry.

The girl picked it up, her long thick black hair falling over her shoulders as she bent down. She examined it, looking at it but not really caring. She puts her hands at her sides and let the cross fall to the ground, a clanging sound echoed through the empty church, making the girl aware of how very alone she was.

Suddenly out of instinct she licked the perspiration of her lips, it was incredibly hot in the old, stuffy church. Odd, since it was the dead of night.

The girl slowly began to walk toward the largest stained glass window, looking like a ghost, her white nightgown flowing gently just above her ankles, the long sleeves making it even hotter in the church. Her bare feet, dirty because of the dusty floor, made no noise as she padded toward her favorite window.

She put her hand onto the glass, her long slender white fingers looking like spiders legs as she slowly trailed the glasses swirled colorful patterns. She licked her lips again and swallowed.

A pair of eyes watched the young girls slow movements from the old wooden rafters of the large church. The eyes narrowed as the girl picked up a cross, but relaxed as soon as she dropped it, a clanging sound filling the room. The person, hidden from view by the shadows of the night, smiled slowly as the girl looked out the window. With her back turned she would be simple prey. It was almost too easy.

The shadowed person slowly climbed over to a lower section of rafters, then slowly climbed down, dropping to the floor without a sound. The person walked slowly, with nimble grace, behind the little girl, trying not to make a sound. It didn't work.

The girl turned around quickly, looking for the source of the noise. The shadowed person panicked and quickly disappeared. The girl had a confused look in her green eyes but turned around anyway to continue looking at the window. The shadowed person appeared right in front of her.

The young girl looked up, her eyes glazed over once again as she saw who was standing in front of her.

A man. More like a boy, no older than eighteen, maybe seventeen, stood in front of her, a smirk on his face. He was hansom in a way. He looked like he had never been a little boy, his features hard and rough, ice blue eyes piercing. His hair was a silvery blonde, almost white in color, hanging in his eyes in messy disarray. He had a thin body, almost to slender, and unusually long arms and legs, with even longer fingers. His skin was much like his hair, very white, pale. He more nothing but black, a striking contrast to his pale features, black pants, boots, shirt, and even the cloak he wore, though it had patterns in red on it, was also black.

He took a step forward; the girl took a step back. Another forward, another back. The young man looked at the girl, admiring her long pale slender neck and delicate shoulders. He smiled dangerously, showing gleaming white teeth, and took another step, this one large, toward the girl. The girl suddenly seemed like she was snapped out of a trance.

She turned around and ran toward the cross. The man in black scowled. She picked it up, her slender hands shaking violently; she kneeled down and began to recite the Lord's Prayer.

"Our father which art in heaven hallowed be thy name thy kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven."

The young man began to laugh, his voice echoing off the walls. He spoke for the first time. "That won't help you little one."

"Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us." The girl kept on, trying desperately to keep the fear out of her voice, which was strained as she spoke the prayer each word louder than the last.

The young mans eyes narrowed and he raised his hand pointing a slender finger at the praying girl. The cross flew out of her hands and into his. He hissed in pain as the golden cross touched his skin, searing his flesh with its holy powers. He bit his lip to keep from crying out in pain. He threw the cross hard, over the young girl aiming for the window above her. The girl desperately reached up to try and catch it but it was far above her head. The cross shattered through the window. The girl cried out when glass rained down on her. She ducked down and put her hands behind her head. She crawled over to the corner and pulled her knees up to her chin, folding her hands; bloody form the broken glass, around her legs.

The young man appeared in front of her again, smiling this time. The girl looked up and tried to push him out of the way. Her black hair betrayed her flowing behind her like a black ribbon. The young man smirked and grabbed it, pulling her back hard. She cried out in pain and felt tears prick at her eyes from it.

The young man pulled her close, his lips brushing against her ear lobes he whispered, "didn't I tell you that wouldn't help you. I hate" he pulled her hair again causing her to cry out. "It when people don't listen to me."

"Please." She whispered her voice soft and trembling giving away her fear. "Please. Don't h-hurt me."

He looked down at the girl. He pitied her. She could be no older than fourteen. Maybe thirteen. He looked down at her neck again and smiled, revealing his teeth again. He needed this. He was desperate. He couldn't pity anyone.

"Hurt you? Why would I ever hurt you?" the young man asked in a silky voice.

Her green eyes widened and she knew.

She struggled desperately against him, ignoring the pain when he pulled her hair again. She hissed in pain as she pulled away, some of her hair ripping out in the process. She didn't know where to go but she ran. Fast.

"A little chase." The young man muttered quietly. He smirked as her dropped the considerable amount of black hair in his hand and began to run after her.

The young girl ran into the back of the church, trying to find a place to hide. She ran into a confession room and closed the curtain. Huddling in the corner she desperately tried to keep quiet. She tensed up as she saw a shadow fall onto the floor. She held her breath but slowly released it when the shadow moved on. She gulped and slowly crawled over to the curtain.

'One. Two. Three!' the young girl thought, shooting out of the room on three heading toward the church door.

The girl ran as fast as she could, but wasn't fast enough. The man appeared in front of her suddenly. She tried to stop but skidded, crashing into his chest.

He smirked as she struggled, "well. Well. Well. Deja' vu."

She struggled harder her nails gripping into the skin of his arm. He suddenly frowned and yanked her hair pulling her head to the side, revealing her smooth pale neck. He could see her neck move as she took quick short breaths, obviously scared.

"No." the girl whispered desperately. "No. Please. Please."

He slowly smiled, revealing his white teeth and sharp pointed fangs.

"No! No! Please!! No!!" the girl began to scream as he lowered his mouth onto her neck.

The girl shrieked in pain as the young mans sharp teeth dug into her pale skin.

Sucking her blood hungrily, the young man felt the young girls body slowly begin to stop struggling. Then nothing.

He dropped the dead body on the floor, and looked down. Her pale neck was now torn and open, bleeding badly. Her delicate wrists were bruised from where he had been holding her. She had been so beautiful, now she was nothing more than a corpse. One of the hundreds he had killed.

He shook his head and wiped the blood from his mouth with his sleeve. He slowly walked out of the empty church.

He looked out at the half moon, glowing brightly in the night. Glancing once more at the large church, he took off into the night.

He lazily flew over small towns, not really paying attention to where he was going. The young man smiled wide as he saw some of his fellow kind burning and killing a particular village.

He smiled evilly as he flew down to the village to join the fun. After all, the night was young.

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