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The innocents

Chapter 3

Seren yawned once more. She had been drifting in and out of sleep, even though she was sitting up, for the past hour. Aline had left long ago to go feed. Seren shuddered. She didn't like the way he said, feed.

Seren sighed and began to hum a tune to pass the time. She soon began to sing quietly.

"you sing off key." A voice above her growled.

Seren, startled and embarrassed, looked around. Darius dropped from above, smirking at her.

Seren scowled, "I do *not* sing off key!"

Darius snorted and walked around seren, studying her like a vulture studies its prey.

"stop circling me! Damnit!" seren screamed.

Darius smiled, a feral smile. "that's not nice language for a...lady."

"I'm no lady, and you damn well know it. Now what am I doing here! Your stupid friend just spoke in riddles. I couldn't get a straight answer out of him!"

"no need to yell." Darius warned in a low voice.

"I'll yell if I please!" seren shrieked, purposefully making her voice higher and more annoying.

Darius lost control. He leaned in far to her face and growled, sneering, showing her his sharp fangs.

Seren went silent instantly.

"now that you've shut up." Darius growled, "I'll tell you what you are. You are an innocent. You've got a birthmark on your neck. It tells us who you are. Now, every vampire in this world is looking for the innocents, so you are safest with me."

"safe??" seren shrieked, forgetting to be to scared to talk.

"yes. I'm one of the more...powerful vampires. Your lucky."

Seren stared at the dirty ground, how on earth was she safe. She didn't feel safe, at all. She only felt fear, she somehow knew she was going to die.

"I'm going to die aren't I?" seren asked in an emotionless voice.

Darius raised a pale eyebrow. Should he tell her? Would she still stay?

"no. you won't die." Darius lied. He was quite good at lying.

"really?" seren asked hopefully.

'how trusting can you get?' darius thought smirking. "really."


lya cried out as she hit the cold stone floor. The guard who pushed her violently into the dark cell laughed and said, "no hope for your life now little one."

Lya sniffed and cradled her wrist. After the lady vampire, naimi, had cut her wrist and sucked the blood the wound had closed, and the blood flowed no more. But even though no blood flowed sharp pains occasionally shot through her wrist if she twisted it a certain way.

She looked around the dark cell, which smelled of something rotting. A wave of nausea rolled over her as she spied a rat eating something in the corner. Not even wanting to think about what the rat was eating lya scooted into a corner near a window. Not a window actually, more like a thin slit in the stonewall, allowing a sliver of moonlight through.

Lya peered up at the moon and sighed sadly. Suddenly the graveness of the situation hit her like a ton of bricks, she would die hear.


Cease to exist.

Never grow up, never fall in love, never have children, never experience the joys of life.

Lya's small round face scrunched up as she pulled her knees to her forehead, burying her face from sight. Wrapping her arms around her legs lya wept, her small shoulders shaking from her violent sobs.

Outside the moon shone bright.


"oooooh! Marjorie bass is a buxom lass, and she'll take care of the young lads. But beware young fellow, you'll turn quite yellow when her husband..."

Four or five drunken men sang along off key to the well-known sailors song. The young man playing the piano laughed and helped them through the parts they didn't know.

Catin sat hidden in a dark corner table, her ocean colored eyes scanned the bar. She sipped her beer reluctantly and frowned.

Two people walked by and she heard snips of their conversation.

"yes. Yes. We've been looking all over."

"found any yet?"

"two. Poor things, almost pity them."

"can't help it. We need them."

"yes. Yes. Very important, the innocents are."

Catins eyes widened as she watched the pair walk out slowly. Smirking she decided to follow them outside.

Sneaking slowly along the walls, catin watched the pair slip down the alley. Smiling she quickly turned the corner and ran right into one of them, a tall man.

He pushed her against the wall with surprising strength and held her there, his arm pressed against her neck. Smirking he brought out a thin golden object, a cross.

Catin's eyes widened and she tried to scream. The second of the pair, also a man though considerably smaller, stood in the background smiling coolly.

"I trust you don't want this pressed on your skin?" the tall man spoke in a rough voice.

Catin's eyes darted between the cross and the tall mans face. Finally she nodded reluctantly.

"good girl." He growled.

Suddenly the man pulled off her cloak and pressed the cross firmly against her the skin right above her right breast. The skin seared and burned underneath the holy object. Catin screamed into the tall mans hand. White- hot blinding pain coursed through her body. The pain was blinding her, her head was swimming. Soon catin fell down, the pain too much.

The pair smirked and the taller one picked catin up then they walked down the alley disappearing into the shadows.

Catin, hung limply in the mans arms.

'darius.' Was her last conscious thought before she passed out.



darius woke with a start and found he had dozed off sitting on the rafter above seren.


peering down below darius could see seren blindly looking for him, though she couldn't move much because of her restraints, she still tried vainly to stand up.

"darius! You show yourself right now! I know you're out there!" seren cried out. "UGH!" she screamed in annoyance.

'darius...' a voice in his head said.

'what is it?' he thought back.

'it's me. Aline.'

'I know it's you...what do you want?'

a chuckled echoed through darius's mind, 'come now. Is that anyway to talk to me.'

'come on.' Darius growled in his head.

Suddenly aline's voice turned deadly serious. 'look. The west night section is getting close. They've already got one and they've spotted two more. We can't let that damn naimi have them. Can you imagine what she would do, not only to us but to the whole world. I shudder to think.'

arius frowned trying to take all the new information in.

Aline continued, 'now I know this is a lot to ask but you must hide seren. As long as we have one innocent naimi can't win. You can't let seren out of your sight. Me and saren and catin and a few others are looking for the rest of those damned innocents. But you've got to go hide that seren girl.'

Darius nearly protested but stopped. It was know use.

"fine." Darius mumbled slowly.

'good. Bye then.' Aline said cheerfully.

Darius growled in annoyance.


catin blearily opened her eyes. taking a minute to focus catin soon realized she was in an odd laboratory of sorts. Her face must have revealed her confusion because soon a voice said, "you are in my laboratory."

Catin turned to see who had spoken but found she could not move, she was bound the odd table by pieces of leather. She couldn't move at all.

Suddenly a mans face peered over her. It was the man, the second man not the man who had used the cross on her, from last night.

He was a small man, not really tall or muscley. He had dark hair and dark eyes. right now his eyes looked curious.

"what are you doing?" catin hissed.

"simple. I've been sent to quote, 'find out what makes you die'," the man spoke in a calm quiet voice.

"everyone knows that!" catin spat. "a stake through the heart."

"nearly impossible to catch your kind off guard." The man said shortly. "by the way, I'm Nicholas. Dr. Nicholas g. benning."

"now then. Let's get down to business." Dr. benning said with the air of one getting ready to clean his room or sweep the floor.

Suddenly the doctor walked over the a window and grabbed the bottom of one shade. He let it go and it rolled up quickly snapping violently when it reached the top.

A bar of sunlight hit catin's legs, mid thigh. Catin shrieked in surprise and writhed in pain. Suddenly the burning stopped, dr. benning was standing in between the sunlight and catin's legs.

"I see. Sunlight. Of course. Just double checking." The doctor muttered to himself as he wrote down numbers on a chart.

Suddenly the door burst open and two large men came in struggling with a person. A girl about catin's age was between the large men, kicking hard and screaming. She was strapped down on the table quickly enough, and somehow, despite her vampires strength she could not get out.

"ah, yes. Another specimen. Good."

Catin shuddered at the doctors tone and turned to look at the, 'specimen.' She was pretty, with short black hair and deep violet eyes. she was breathing very fast and still struggled against the leather restraints.

"ah. Good." Said the doctor pulling out a thin bottle from a shelf, "been saving this." He said giving the bottle a little shake.

He smirked, "sulfuric acid."

Catin gasped and quickly turned away.

Catin forced herself to ignore the other vampire's screams of pain as the doctor poured the acid on her right arm. Catin forced herself not to imagine the horrible poison rotting away the vampires skin. Catin also forced herself to think that everything would be ok.

But catin couldn't force herself to believe it.


lya cracked an eye open and stared directly into the sun. she winced and withdrew from the stinging light. Shaking her head lya looked around, then suddenly remembered where she was.

Lya wanted to cry again.

"get in there you stupid child."

The same rude guard pushed in another girl, much older than lya, and closed the door with a sneer.

"let me go. Let me go!" she yelled banging her fists against the door.

"better not." Lya spoke quietly, finally getting up the courage to speak to the firey woman.

The woman turned around and surveyed lya as though she had never seen anything quite like her. Lya saw the woman had dark tanned skin and long brown hair. Her eyes were green and flashed with anger at the moment, and lya imagined had the young woman's face not been screwed up in anger she would be quite pretty.

"why not?" she asked crossly.

"they'll beat you." Lya lied. In truth she just wanted some peace and quiet to relax and think things over. And with the new girl banging on the door and screaming it was anything but quite in the dark cell. And because of the small space the woman's screams were echoed louder and it was already giving lya a splitting headache.

The woman peered down at lya and frowned. She sat down directly where she was and pouted childishly.

After a moment of silence the woman spoke. "just what are we doing here?"

"I don't know." Lya said softly, staring out the thin window, looking at the free world outside.

"might as well get to know each other. I'm Matti." The woman held out her hand to lya, who reluctantly took it and shook it.

"lya. I'm lya." Was the young girls simple introduction.

"Well lya, you mean to say you haven't got any idea why we're hear in this godforsaken place?" matti asked.

"No. No idea." Lya said shortly.


At this point lya became very annoyed. How was she supposed to know why she was hear? All she knew was that vampires were involved. And this matti was becoming quite annoying. Couldn't she take a hint?

"I haven't any clue why we're hear. Why don't you go ask that guard?" lya snapped hoping matti would get the hint.

She didn't.

"oh. Well it's lovely outside today isn't it?"

it was the final straw for lya.

"don't you understand? You're going to die here! You're not going to live! You're going to die! Aren't you scared? Aren't you even a little afraid?" lya shrieked hysterically.

Matti gulped and spoke, for the first time her voice was shaky and she sounded close to tears, "terrified."

"but you must understand. When I get scared I joke and become good- natured. Horrible habit really." Matti's voice broke and she turned away.

Lya's shoulders drooped and she stared guiltily at the older woman.

Lya smiled. "come here." She said holding her arms out.

Lya hugged the woman around the middle as matti absently patted lya on the back.

'Now the child was comforting the adult.' Matti thought.

"don't worry we're not going to die here." Matti said sinking on her knees to be at the same level as the little girl.

Lya positively collapsed and sobbed into matti's shoulder.

Outside the sun began to set.


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