It was 3:15 in the morning. This wouldn't be a problem if Anthony Snitzer had been asleep, or if he didn't have to work tomorrow, or even if he was trying to get to sleep. Unfortunatly, none of the above were the case for Tony. Instead of doing what he should be doing, he was contemplating his neighbor Ms. Chettet, whom he had been seeing for six months. He thought it was either time to pop the question or pop out of the relationship. He, of course, planned to do the former. Thinking this brought the inevitable question "How to ask", to mind. Should he do something exotic? Should he ask her normally? For some unexplainably strange reason, it brought his parents to mind. How had they met? Had they met by friends? Were they introduced by relatives? Had they met due to the job? Tony hated his parents for their choice in employment. Still, it had led to his current career, criminal psychologist. He privately thanked his pathetic parents. Tony loved his job helping the poor and deranged law breakers. He didn't actually love helping people, but he loved knowing he was better than these psychopaths.

His train of thought was interrupted by a horrible screeching sound. Tony sighed, got up, and went to let the cat in. He hated the cat. He had bought it when he was drunk, celebrating Lui Yang's recovery. He had never bothered to name the cat. Tony didn't know how the cat escaped the house but he thought it was by the attic window. It wasn't really all that important anyway. Tony thought about the Lui Yang case for awhile. Lui Yang had been delusional; he didn't think he had any chinese blood in him. He thought it was 1945 and that the mob still held power. He had started a mob of hired hands in New York and started killing policeman until his they had abandoned him when he ran out of money. Unfortunatly, by then he had picked up other psychos, gotten Tommy guns from an antique shop and gone out killing people at random. It had beed three months of telling him that he was having delusions, that the mob was dead, and that it wasn't the 1940's before the poor fool had accepted the truth. Now Tony was working with two patients, Ashton Archers and Thomas Vern. Ashton thought he was possessed by Robin Hood. He had committed minor offenses but was already out of jail. The sessions weren't going anywhere, mostly because Ashton thought Tony was the evil prince and kept on making death threats. Thomas's case was going easier. Thomas was a religious cult leader who ordered live sacrifices of his disciples who followed his orders exactly. He had been Tony's patient for much longer than Ashton and had been around since the time of Lui. Thomas was almost convinced that the gods he so feverently believed in were fakes. Tony had all this running through his mind as he walked to the door.

As Tony opened the door to let the cat in, he heard a sound that started with a loud crashing, followed by a tinkling, and ended with a soft thud. It was black as hell outside but Tony knew the noise came from Ms. Chettet's house. He decided to go and find out what Ms. Chettet was doing at this tim of night. A light was on in her upper window. Tony knew this was her bedroom window and that it was broken. He worried for a second. Could Ms. Chettet be hurt? Does she need someone to install a new window? Tony went into a dead run. Soon he found broken glass which made him realize the window had been broken from inside. He wondered what had broken it. Soon he had his answer.

He found Ms. Chettet three seconds later. Her throat was gone, removed with some sort of blade. Her belly ring had been removed. Her hands and feet were pulled behind her back and tied together. She was covered in cuts from being thrown out the window. More important was the presence of his business card with the words, "From the King of Thieves", written on it. After the shock wore off, Tony realized three things. First, some idiot had killed his girlfriend! A sleazy jerk had damaged his property. She had been his object, his item, and some idiot had buster her. Second, that idiot had been Ashton! That lousy, deluded, stupid, mother @#@%$^&, *&#@% who didn't deserve to worship the ground he walked on had done this! It had to be Ashton. Ashton always brought around a sword-like knife which he could of used to do this, second was the fact that her belly ring was missing and that Ashton always stole rings, whether they be earring, finger ring or belly ring. Finaly, there was the card which clearly stated that it was the King of Thieves who did this and Ashton always left his card at the scene of the crime. The next thing he realized was that Ashton was going to di, right here by Tony's hand. Tony could kill Ashton and claim it was self-defense.

Tony entered the house. He wasn't even scared because he thought Ashton would be a pushover. He considered Ashton a wimpering little wiener dog who was hiding because he had chewed up his master's shoes. He didn't even consider that Ashton could be more like a doberman, hinding under his master's bed so his master had to put his hand in first and let the doberman bite his fingers off. Tony grabbed a knife to make killing Ashton easier. Tony started to crawl up the stairs. As he neared the top, he noticed a door slightly ajar with light seeping through. He peeked in and saw two human shadows on the wall and he heard two voices. He couldn't see who the people were but, the fact that there were two was confusing. Had Ashton hired a helper? He managed to hear one of the voices say, "We made all the evidence point to one of his other patients. Neither the fool nor the police will suspect us."

When Tony heard this he realized that Ashton had not been the perpatrator of this crime. It had been Thomas. Thomas had framed Ashton. Tony decided that it was time to end this. He was going to jump these two *#@$%#^$. After all, stupid crooks didn't hold a candle to him, especially the type of scum who were his patients. After all, they had dared to strike out at something he owned. Tony didn't even hear the lead pipe coming to the base of his skull until it was too late.

When Tony awoke he realized he was freezing. This was due in part to the open window in the dimly lit room, and in part to his nearly complete lack of clothes. His head felt like it was going to cave in. After the shock and cobwebs had cleared from his head, Tony began to get angry. First some ugly S.O.B had killed rich, beautiful Ms. Chettet, the woman who promised his rise to money and power, who was sure to make all the other losers in life jeolous. Then they had assaulted him! He thought that the instant he escaped he was going to kill Thomas and all of his deluded followers. Thinking of such, Tony tried to escape but, at least 80 meters of chain encircled him.

After many hours of futile escape efforts and many aches and pains, the door to Tony's new, unfurnished apartment swung open. In came three figures. Tony gasped and realized he had made a mistake. The center figure didn't speak but merely snapped his fingers and pointed at Tony. The other two started pounding on Tony with various instruments. The lead figure departed the room, but said one more thing before leaving, "And you said that the mob was dead".

Sergeant Fletcher hated this part of the job. Trying to find help for the victim. The victim had been found at that imitation mobster's spare apartment. He had been completely immobilized, gang beaten, and lefto alone to die for three days. By some miracle he had survived. Unfortunately, the miracle had come with a price. The victim was now completely insane. Upon releasing him, he had attempted to eat one of his saviors. Now it was Fletcher's job to decide what to with the poor person. Fortunately, the choice was obvious but it felt strange to take the very hostage they had worked so hard to save to a criminal psychologist.