By:Andrew Troy Keller

Within the year 2991,a new form of star cluster
Had appeared before the starship USS Explorer.
Captain John Craven,the ship's commander
Had ordered his science officer
To scan for any habitable life within the cluster.

He had found such life on the only planet
Within newly formed star-filled net.
After they've established orbit around the new sphere,
John had asked for a volunteer
To go explore the new planet.

Ensign Joan Merritt had stood up,
Walked over to John and said,"Where should I sign up?"
A few minutes later,Joan had stepped into a shuttlecraft and
Departed the ship for the newfound land.

After she had entered the planet's air space,
Joan had started putting the shuttle's engines in a slow pace,
Before landing on the planet's land mass.
But after she had made a pass
Over a formation of rocks,the shuttle had started falling out of place.

She had tried to reach the Explorer on the space-wave radio-band.
But it was too late,for it had to crash-land
In a enormous clearing.
After she had tried calling the ship without succeeding,
Joan had decided to abandon the shuttle and explore the new land.

A few yards later,
Joan had suddenly found several spears aimed right at her.
"My name is Ensign Joan Merritt.",she said."I'm from the starship USS Explorer."

Then suddenly,the eldest of the new people had walked up to her
And said,"She must not come to harm!Lower
Your spears,for she is indeed the chosen one!"
And just like that,the others had done
What the elder had commanded and escorted her
To a strange type of alter.

"She must be prepared!",ordered the elder.
"Go now and prepare her!"
After they had finished preparing her,
They had brought Joan back to the elder
And removed themselves from the alter.

Just then,the elder had raised his arms and yelled,"O MIGHTY ONE,
And then,a large creature in a lizard-like hide
Had stepped out of the shadows and laid it's eyes upon the chosen one.

"You and your people had done well,Elder.",
Said the dragon."You will now leave me alone with her."
After he had bowed his head and said,"As you wish,O Mighty One.",
The elder had left Joan alone with the one
Thing that was--at first--able to scare the living daylights out of her.

But then,after he had placed a gentle hand
On her shoulder and said,"I am glad to see you upon my land.
Please,do not be afraid.You will not come to harm."
And after he had placed his hand on her arm,
Joan had suddenly smiled and placed her hand
On top of his hand.

Then,after he had placed himself behind her,
The dragon had removed her
Robe with such gentle care,
Allowing to expose her bare
Body.He had placed his hands on her
Nude body,allowing her
To experince pure erotic pleasure.

After he had slipped his tail in between her legs,
Joan had placed her hand on one of his legs
And said,"Oh,yes!Touch me!
I'll be whatever type of woman you want me to be!"

It was true erotic passion
That they had experienced during their fusion.
And then,Joan had realized that she had
Fallen in love with the one she no longer considers a cad.
She had also decided to scrub the mission.

One day later,
She allowed the shuttle to return without her.

The shuttle completed the return trip
With a message telling John why she was unable to make such a trip.
The message said that she was staying on the newfound land
And remain with her husband.

The fusion of Joan and the dragon has been done,
For they had indded became one.