Monster Under the Bed

Scared and strucked by the creepy moonlight,
Hiding under the covers, with a fright,
My heart beating so fast from shadows on the wall,
No one can hear my mourns at all.

Agasted by the ghostly figures in my mind,
Peace in heaven I wish to find,
I try to stop my salty tears,
And wash them away with my aberrant fears.

I see demons on my ceiling and I am terrified,
Indulging into my pillows, still so petrified.
My body begins to quiver and shake,
I hollar so loud, the window breaks.

The witch is in my mirror,
Her eyes so cold and I feel inferior,
Numb and locked inside this horrifying dream,
There is never anytime to escape, it seems.

One thing is for sure,
The nightmares that I endure,
Maybe all of this is in my head,
But I know there is monsters under the bed.

By Jenna Gould
July 8, 2002