we have a large family
and father grew
up in the richer slums in a fine house with brothers
and sister


yes he has forgotten their names
along the way "(because there were so many)"

but mother goes on
about a dress with fish imprinted embroidered
photographed or living or touching

the way poorer families

and in the backwing of the ice cream store two boys were arguing
over Ireland


every summer or so
we rent rooms and try to
find out how our blood
is the same.

it hurts "(sometimes more than others)" but to
see the blue
in yourself is more than
knowing yourself in

oh bawdy
surnames oh
pheasant colored
oh father
a big man and spaniel
at heel;



it is far from purposeful to magnetize the personable planets

can hear names well enough. loudspeakers"

oh. oh.