'Birds of an Iron Feather'
Marlene von Lintzer and Curtis Perry

The city winding, hiding greenish
He's lone and rough in denim blue
Mean and thin with sudden lacking
She's wind-stained, fallen, seeing through
Meandering round the smooth stone poles
Remembrance of the stormy nights
The biplane stalled as if on strings
Escape became the least of plights
The bassist sailing piano's wire
And suddenness of long ago
Atlantic flights or record breakers
They blink in awe yet in Morse code
I swept the bloods of Red Baron
I saw the struggle at the shore
Of the lighthouse; yet be now
The flashlight up the corridor
And couples finding under wings
The metal touch, which once they had
A drunken man is red-eyed, weeping
Above lined ghosts of couriers past
Veteran lovers, gripping talons
The glaze of air, breathless their face
The dogfight now includes the bitch
Museum of relentless chase
And best the beast lies dead at center
The bulls' eye target at their touch
The shrapnel falling; heavy vodka
The past could always say as much
They mate beneath their child's wing
The risk like launches off a jetty
Exchanging pasts with but the slide
Of bloody lock, twisted the key
Oh dear, my ace, the time is drawn
An azure hue, a lamplight comes
"It's been too long!" secures the guard
"And now the vultures end their run!"