Punk's a passion, not a fashion.
A self expression
Not a morbid depression
Hope for equality, unity,
intelligence, tolerence, community.
We know that there is no 1 way
People's lives are disarray.
But why does diversity breed war?
Violence the bastard, Culture the whore.
Just agree to disagree,
That's all we want to see.
You may hate that we exsist,
Remember, YOUR system made us like this.
We only hate that which is arrogant,
unjust, violent, ignorant.
Why do we care?
We're not going anywhere.
Soon we'll die, no one will know,
Earth will die, with nothing to show.
But still, here we are.
Worthless beings round a reg'lar star.
But what is there to do but live?
Learn to understand and forgive.
Make the best of it all,
but don't forget that we're small.
Earth's not ours,
How dare we break it.
We don't own it,
We didn't make it.
Let's live in peace
Not just with each other
But let's love our ecosystem
Just as we love our brother.

Simple philosophy:
I don't fuck with you,
You don't fuck with me,
We all live in peace,
It's utopian community.