The Unknown Occupant

David listened quietly as the sirens from the cop car passed slowly. The cop car stopped next to the red corvette, shining their spotlight into the car. "Alan, stay quiet" Alan nodded as he lowered himself into the backseat, slapping a fresh clip into his handgun. David sighed as the cops left. He stepped back into the front seat of the car, starting it up again.

The corvette took off up the rocky hill, bumping up and down over the rocks. "Where we going to hide?" Alan asked. The cops were after them. They had just robbed a bank and shot three security guards on the way out. Hail started to clash against the window. David put a cigarette in his mouth and lit it. He saw some small light coming from above the hill.

"Bingo" David grinned. He stopped the car in front of an old rickety house. A single light was on in the top corner. David opened his car door and stepped out. He put the hood of his jacket on, grabbing the shotgun from the backseat. They both started towards the house. Something snapped behind them both. They slowly turned. More twigs snapped. Alan gulped as he continued to turn around. He was nearly turned fully when he heard footsteps behind him. He thought it was David, but more twigs continued to snap. Alan raised his handgun, aiming where the noise was coming from. He jumped as a hand landed on his shoulder. He fell as he turned around, aiming the gun right behind him. He was looking into a pair of dark black eyes.

He sighed as he realized it was a old man. "Go away, or you will die" Alan grinned as the barrel of the shotgun pressed against the old mans head. "That a treat?" David asked harshly. "'Cause if it is, I have no problem settling it with you now." The old man backed off. "I warn you, stay out of the house, or you will be sorry". David kept his aim with the shotgun.

The old man smiled, then closed his eyes. He opened them slowly. Alan nearly vomited. The old man spoke once more, his voice was rash "see what it did to me" David gulped. The man's face was rotting, his eyes missing. Half his head was missing. The man walked towards Alan, flesh hanging from his face. He picked Alan up by the shoulder, lifting him into the air.

"Drop him now!" David demanded, pressing the shotgun to the man's head. The old man smacked him away, knocking David down. David shook his head, as the old mans mouth neared Alan's chest. David aimed the shotgun once more. He pulled the trigger back, lighting the road up a bit as the old man fell in half from the heavy shell. David grabbed Alan by the shoulder, dragging him towards the house.

They walked into the house, closing the door behind them. David set Alan down on an old couch. He grabbed a chair and jammed it under the front doors knobs. "Alan, you ok little bro?" David asked. Alan stood up, a bit shaken. "What was that?!" Alan choked out. David lowered his head. "I have no idea." He heard foot steps upstairs. It was a three story house.
David looked to Alan. "Looks like we might have a hostage upstairs, I'll take the 2nd floor, you take the 3rd. Got it?" Alan nodded as he started towards the steps, David right behind him. They slowly started up the stairs, David taking off when he reached the 2nd floor. Alan continued up. He looked around the floor slowly. He heard some strange noises from down the hall.

Alan proceed down the hall quietly, his handgun aimed at the end of the hall. The double doors that lead to a small balcony shook violently in the wind. The doors creaked as Alan neared them. He heard two loud thumps. He thought it was David. Again, two more thumps. It was coming from outside the door. Alan reached towards the door handle slowly.

Sweat trickled down his face. Even though it was 66ยบ degrees in the house he was freezing. He gripped the handle tightly as he slowly twisted it. Two more thumps outside the door. Alan opened the door, nearly ripping it off its hinges. He looked around the balcony. No one was on it except him. He slowly stepped out onto the balcony. A piece of hail hit him in the face.

He laughed lightly. He quit laughing as his laughter turned into a painful scream. He backed towards the balcony, blood dripping from his spinal cord. He started to groan and grunt as he nearly tripped over the balcony. He dropped the handgun, as he called his brothers name out loud. The handgun went off, the bullet ripping through Alan's stomach. He tripped over the balcony, breaking his neck during the fall.
David took off in a full run when he heard his brother scream and the gunshot go off. He hurried up the steps. He started to see a trail of blood on the wooden floor as he neared the end of the hall. He watched the floor as he followed the trail. "Alan?" David called out. He received no answer. He saw his brother's handgun on the floor, the barrel pointing towards the double doors.

He opened the doors and stepped onto the balcony. He looked over and saw his younger brothers body spread out on the ground below. A single tear fell from his face. He slammed his fist onto the balcony's ledge as he screamed his brother's name. But he screamed something else, when he felt a sharp blade connect with his spinal cord. David turned his head as he felt the blade of a knife across his face. All he could see was blood and dark figured woman with a knife.

The woman shoved David over the balcony as she whispered "That was for killing my husband"

The End