Chapter 1: She Stole My Screename! lll Andria lll

Call me Andria.

I just got through reading 552 pages of Moby Dick by Herman Hope-He's-In-Hell Melville so don't mind that introduction.

I'm a girl of few words, kinda eccentric, but a hard worker, and a book-worm. . .and a writer. I'm writing this journal, just in case I die early. Then, at least I'll have this as my last chance for ever getting published. Could I be the next Anne Frank? Probably not since I don't live inside a secret annex in fear of Nazi's finding my family and sending us all to death camps.

Ugh, did I forget to mention that I'm morbid? Very much so?

Well, in today's case anyway, it's all because of my older cousin Julie! She stole my freakin new screename, that bitch! I was talking to her online and our conversation went like this:

EVADentLoVe: like my new sn?

RockStarr: well.the capitals mixed in with lower case letters is kind of giving me a headache…. and Julie, you do know that you spelled "evident" wrong don't you?

EVADentLoVe: I did it on purpose smartass

RockStarr: Oh, sorry. Didn't know pretending to be stupid could bring people enjoyment.

EVADentLoVe: what is EVAD backwards

RockStarr: . . .

RockStarr: DAVE ?

EVADentLoVe: yes!

EVADentLoVe: n u don't need to shout it

RockStarr: EVAD is in capital letters!

RockStarr: wait a min. . .

RockStarr: . . .  you made a screename after a guy!??!??

RockStarr: . . .

EVADentLoVe: what?

RockStarr: that's beyond sad, J

EVADentLoVe: it is not! and i told u to not 2 call me J! That sounds so guyish

Rockstarr: oooh sorry

EVADentLoVe: OMG, An, do you remember him? That guy I pointed out to you at my party?

Of course I remembered! He was the hottest guy I ever saw in my life, and that is a BIG thing coming from me. I am the pickiest female teenager in existence. Leo Decap? UUUGLY! Those pinchy evil eyes! Decapitate him!  Justin Timberlake? . . .um curly blonde hair? Gross! He belongs in a lake.

I'm so picky that I, at 16 years old, still have never been on a real date.

And then J pointed out Dave to me and I thought I would die right there. He was so. . . HOT. He was HOLY! I wanted to walk over bow down to him RIGHT THERE in the middle of J's party where I didn't know a single person. I'm glad I didn't. . . it's bad enough having everyone in my school thinking I'm the weirdest girl to ever go through John Richard High.

Ugh, why did J have to have a crush on him too?

RockStarr: Uh…was he the one with that spiky black haircut and glasses?

EVADentLoVe: glasses?

EVADentLoVe: oh ya he ripped his contact that day

EVADentLoVe: ya that's him

EVADentLoVe: wasn't he the CUTEST?

Nooo. . . not really. Cute really didn't describe him. Cute describes little blond headed always smiley-faced stuck up jock boys. Dave was. . . he was more like. . . dark. . .rebellious. . .mysterious. . .HOT.

RockStarr: uh…

EVADentLoVe: oh right, forgot who I waz talking to. You don't like guys


EVADentLoVe: lol! nothin nothing I was kiddin

RockStarr: u better be

RockStarr: anyway, J

RockStarr: your sn… it's extremely obvious. I didn't get it but if you talk to someone who knows that Dave kid they'll totally pick it up

EVADentLoVe: So? I want them to know! I'm going to im Dave as soon as he gets on and see if he picks up on it

God, I don't GET that. Girls who want the guys they have crushes on to KNOW IT. I would NEVER do that. I feel sorry for guys it happened to. I would hate being stalked by some giggly love sick girl.

Ok, maybe I AM just jealous. J's gorgeous! She has the cutest face, the whitest teeth, the skinniest body, and a beautiful shade of reddish brown hair that just sparkles in the light. Aaahhh! I considered dying my disgusting dark brownish black hair the same color but it goes totally against my poppy people are totally fake so they are trash concept.

Poppy people – a term of mine that includes movie stars, pop stars, preppies at Richard, and every cheerleader that every lifted a pompom.

If Dave guessed that my model cousin liked him, he would SO ask her out.

I can't let my god go out with my cousin! He would become her god and that. . . that just was . . .  not good.

RockStarr: Don't yell at me for not warning you when he freaks out and stops talking to you

EVADentLoVe: Andria!

EVADentLoVe: you don't think he really would be freaked out do you?

RockStarr: Uh.. .yea I do.

EVADentLoVe: OMG! He's ON! I have to change my sn right NOW!

EVADentLoVe: I'll miss my chance to talk to him!


I resisted the urge to ask her for his screename. It was. . . not cool. . . to im. . .  random people. . . you don't know. . .

RockStarr: I don't know. Try your name

EVADentLoVe: that is SO uncreative

RockStarr: Uncreative.? Hey, I like that.

RockStarr: hey. . . yknow I was thinking of making new sn too

EVADentLoVe: Uncreative? WHY would ANYONE make that their screename

RockStarr: ugh never mind


RockStarr: because it's sarcastic… it's funny…

RockStarr: plus if you call yourself uncreative your saying that you really are

EVADentLoVe: why would I want him to think I'm uncreative? I don't want him to think im boring

RockStarr: well I meant hed think that u are creative but

EVADentLoVe: hey! your right!

EVADentLoVe: I gtg

RockStarr: WAIT

RockStarr: J! I want that sn!

EVADentLoVe is currently not signed on.

UNcreat1Ve7: An! how is it?

SEE! She took my deliciously negative sardonic idea and MADE IT HER OWN! And then she was probably bawling it up with Dave who must, with his black spiky hair and dark clothing love sarcasm in feisty girls, was probably IMPRESSED by her! Not only that but Julia RUINED the screename with capitals and lower case letters mixed together. NOTHING looks more IMMATURE! And She put a disgustingly cute number like "7" with it! Ugh! Now if I become uncreative13, everyone will think I copied her! It's not fucking fair!

I must admit though… I like the 1 instead of the I

But Dave is MY god!!!