Chapter 50: I Like to Know Things lll Dave lll 

I like to know things. It's why I watch the news from day to day and read the newspapers weekly. This world is so fucked up that's it's actually quite interesting. In this world, snipers run around murdering about twenty people without getting caught until three weeks after. Bishops get away with raping innocent young woman in their dioceses. Kids, vigor to grow up and gain independence, die from drug overdoses before they even reach college.

Maybe my wanting to know about this kind of stuff is sick and twisted. I don't know. The violence and corruption is not what pulls me in. What fascinates me is the fact that our country, so technologically advanced, with so much money, so much power, can't stop all of it.

I think of the families of those killed, the poor violated woman – sometimes girls as sweet and innocent as my own Angel, the parents of those kids – parents just like mine. . . and I want to help them. I don't want what happened to them to ever happen again. I want to make our stupid country with all its useless technology and worthless money and powerless power STOP ALL OF IT. I want to become President one day. I want to stop the stuff like what almost happened to Andria at church, what J did at Adam's apartment, what the Assfuck did himself by selling drugs. We are so young. We shouldn't be having so many horrible problems at such a young age. Why are things this way?

This country has so many unsolved issues and controversies. I want to solve them all. Or at least try. Terrorism. Racism. Violence. Abortion. Capitol Punishment. Drugs. Alcohol. Trying minors.

Trying minors.

Should we tried as adults? 16 year olds, 17 year olds, 12 year olds. We know right from wrong. When a 12 year shoots someone, he knows it's evil. But. But, sometimes we don't know what we're doing even though we know it's wrong. We don't plan things out the best way. We're not great decision makers. All kids are just really confused. Even me, with my steadfast mind set on becoming a politician. I get so confused sometimes. I was so confused about Andria. I was so confused about her and Adam.

Adam. The minor. Being tried for involvement in the distribution of illegal drugs and attempted man slaughter. He could land years in juvenile hall. His parents sent him a lawyer alright. One of the most expensive lawyers in the state. Also one of the most foolish. Adam has no hope.

Unless I help him.

But why should I? Why should I fucking care? He landed himself in prison. He consciously agreed to sell drugs to his friends. He wanted to shoot me. He deserves jail. When my old girlfriend started failing her English class I didn't care. She was the one who didn't study. So she deserved her Fs. If I didn't even help my own ex-girlfriend, why should I help an Assfuck that tried to kill me? Why should I?

Because. . .

It's back to the confusion thing. Andria cares about Adam, the kid who was her next door neighbor and best friend for about 10 years. I told myself I practically had 100% of her love, but she really said 98%. She loves this Adam guy. Andria's dying seeing him in prison. She's hurt. And she's scared for him.

That's why. That's why I'll help him. Because I love her. I don't want her hurt or scared.

It was a little more than a week after that night. I was released from the hospital three days after getting shot. I only started going back to school this week. Everyone acted all concerned and sorry for me. They called me a hero. But I didn't feel like one.

All I did was help ruin another person's life.

So I decided to DO something about it. I did my homework. I spent a whole weekend in the library - on the net. I found out everything I could about cases with minors. And successfully, I found or perhaps invented in my head – a loophole in Adam's case. A loophole that would get Adam out of trouble if I only tugged on it some more.

I went to the prison, alone, and saw the Assfuck.

He looked incredibly tired compared to his appearance the last time I saw him. There were dark bags under his eyes. His chin was full of stubble. Adam's hair seemed musky and in need of washing. His expression said he didn't care about what happened to him anymore. When Adam saw me approach the bars of his prison cell his face froze into an apathetic glare.

"Yo." I said pretty neutrally.

"What do fucking you want?" Adam demanded. His suspicious eyes stayed on my face.

I sighed and took in a deep breath. "Look," I started. "I know you don't exactly like me, and I feel the same way but - I want to help."

He arched his eyebrows and looked at me defiantly. "And how do you expect to do that, Mr. big Shot."

I frowned at him. "Dropping charges. My lawyer will make them drop them the attempted manslaughter charge."

"Well gee, thanks." Adam said sarcastically. He rolled his eyes.

My frown grew deeper. "I know. Even with those dropped, you still have the drugs charges. You really fucked up, you know?"

"I do. And don't pretend to care." Adam suggested.

"You're right, I don't really care." I snapped. I was trying to help him out and he was giving me an attitude. "But I'm doing it anyway so just appreciate it." He twitched his face angrily. "Tomorrow is your trial, correct?" I questioned. He didn't answer. "When they ask you who you got your stash of drugs from, tell them."
"What the hell? Don't try to tell me what do." Adam told me.
"DO you want to get out prison, Adam? If you tell them who gave you the drugs, they'll forget about prosecuting you and go after the guy."

"I'm not going to fucking tattle like that."

"Why the hell not?" I demanded. "Whoever gave you the drugs didn't care about you. You wouldn't be in this mess if he did."
"That doesn't matter."
"If he's not looking out for you, why should you be looking out for him?"
"I don't know. Maybe you should answer that." Adam said contemptuously. "Why are you looking out for me Travis?" 

"Because. . ." I started.

"Because what?"

"Have you ever heard that Angel's do the work of God?" I asked slowly.
"My father's a fucking pastor, Travis." Adam reminded me.

"Well, I'm just doing the work of an Angel." I answered. "I'm doing this for Andria." Adam's glare immediately softened at the name.

"H-how is she?" he asked.

"She's okay. As okay as possible, when she's at the same time hurt and angry and worried about you." I said berating him. Immediately his face turned guilty. "Adam, if not for yourself. Do it for her. Tell them the truth. Get out of prison. Ease Andria's pain. Please."

Adam looked me in the eyes silently. For a moment I let him. Then nodding, as if it say, "yea, do it," I slowly backed away from the prison and quietly left.

A week later, Adam was taken to court. He confessed that an elder middle aged man had given him the steroids, marijuana, ludes, and other illegal drugs. The man had been swaying him to do his dirty work for him, Adam accused. And since he had never really had a true father figure before, Adam had believed the drug dealer. The court believed him. Adam was let out on bail from his inheritance. The Verns, with a reputation ruined, moved out of Sunsetview. James Verns left his job as pastor.

Andria called me excitedly the moment she found out.

"They let Adam out of prison!" She shrieked happily.

"I know." I said cheerfully, "I watched the news."

"Oh my god, I have to go visit him soon. Will you come with me?" Angel asked.

"Wouldn't you rather see him alone?"

"Wouldn't you get jealous if I went to see him alone?" she teased.

"I would be." I admitted. "I really would be."

"So come with me, and protect me form the ex-convict." Andria asked.

I laughed. "Okay. How about right now. I want to see you."

"And I don't think seeing him right away is such a good idea. His parents are moving out of town today so he'll be seeing them off. Maybe. . .Well, probably not. Mais, maintenant je dois faire mes devoirs français, mon cheri."

"Great!" I said cheerfully. "Is it French 4AP? I aced that class. I'll come over and help."

"No thanks. I know how great your French is." Andria said.

"Hey!" I exclaimed, insulted.

"I have a better idea. Meet me online for a few minutes, will you? I want to show you something." Andria asked.

"But I thought you had French homework to do."

"It can be procrastinated. Meet me online. Okay? I'm going to hang up."

"Sure. Love you."

"Bye!" Angel said cheerfully before hanging up. Hearing the dial tone, I hung the phone back in its cradle and moved to the computer in my room. It was already on but I had to log on to America Online. My buddy list popped up and I was annoyed to see that RockStarr wasn't online yet. I was surprised to see Julie online, and on that UNcreat1ve7 screen name too. I thought she had given it up, along with that corny ass EVADent LoVe she made named after me. She imed me.

UNcreat1ve7: hey

Breeder56: sup Julie

UNcreat1ve7: nm

UNcreat1ve7: just been wonderin

UNcreat1ve7: did you go see Adam when he was in the prison?

Breeder56: how do u know about that?

Breeder56: yea, I did

UNcreat1ve7: but, why?

Breeder56: I dunno I just gave him some hints on how to get out of the trial with a moderate punishment

UNcreat1ve7: you wanted to help him?

UNcreat1ve7: but you hate him

I was starting to get annoyed with Julie. She was getting a tad nosy. And where was Andria? She still hadn't logged on.

Breeder56: I do hate him!

Breeder56:  punk kid

Breeder56: he's immature and stupid

UNcreat1ve7: then why did you help him?

Breeder56: because I wanted Andria to be happier

Breeder56: cuz An cares about the assfuck and was sad seein him in prison

UNcreat1ve7: you freed the guy who shot you just for Andria?

Breeder56: yea

Breeder56: why not

Breeder56: I love her

UNcreat1ve7: aw, Dave

UNcreat1ve7: I love you

Breeder56: what?

Breeder56: Julie!

Breeder56: Brad, remember?

UNcreat1ve7: Je ne suis pas Julie, mon petit dieu mignon

Breeder56: Angel???

Breeder56: what the hell!

Breeder56: If u n Julie don't stop switching screen names I am going to go fucking out of my mind

UNcreat1ve7: sorry!

UNcreat1ve7: come over right now, Dave

UNcreat1ve7: you're allowed to help me with my French homework after all

UNcreat1ve7: and afterwards I can thank you properly

Breeder56: lol

Breeder56: sure

Breeder56: I'll be there in 15 minutes

I like to know things. I'm proud to say that there's nothing I know more than how much I love Andria and how much she loves me. Because of her, I think, I'm turning nicer. A few more acts like saving Verns out of prison and I'll be enough of a good guy to not deserve that "Dave Travis is a Jerk" hate group anymore.

Now, if you'll excuse me, journal. I have to go get thanked by my Angel properly. First, I'll teach her French. When that's done, I'll teach her creativity.

La Fin.

A/n: A thank you to everyone who has read and reviewed. It was your encouragement that made me write so much so quickly. I truly enjoyed writing this story and I got to love all the characters, even the ones I did not like at first. Remember the moral of this story 1) go for what you want, 2) think of others, and 3) America is corrupt (just kidding).

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