By:Andrew Troy Keller

Once upon a peaceful day,
Someone new had came to stay.
Then,it was said,
That his eyes were red.
And he was,indeed,in a real nasty way.

He had horns,instead of hair.
He was all that was unfair.
He was a disguised demon,
Known as Etrigan,
The Lord of Dispair.

He was an immortal clot,
Who had first came from King Arthur's Camelot.
He had used another name.
Jason Blood was that name,
And he had lived on the street named Camelot.

Away from him,we should stay,
For he had defeated Morgaine Le Fey.
But,even though we've been stunned,
We've got to find somewhere to run,
And fight again some other day.

But,as we had tried,and tried again,
There has been,so far,no escape from Etrigan.
There is now a foul stench in the air.
So far,there is no escaping the Lord of Despair.
The one known as Etrigan.