"Me" Poem

I'm 13 years old,

My eyes aren't keen or green,

I believe in the unseen,

My eyes may be sensitive to movement,

But I say they could always need improvement,

I like to draw, write and sing,

And basically I like to do everything,

I'm not a nun,

However I like to have fun in the sun,


I like to pass the time,

Reading a rhyme,

I like to pass the time,

Drawing lines together that look divine,

I like to pass the time,

Making it mine.

Hope you like^_^ I wrote this for fun. I am (very) new at poetry so I suck. As for the nun part in this poem, I ware a scarf covering my hair because I am Muslim and some people mistake me as a nun. (A nun in the 8th grade? Yeah I know, pretty stupid.)