I Look Up At a Crimson Sky

By The Shattered Angel

Tumbling from heaven
It appears that the sky is bleeding...
Roses are falling, both flowers and petals
Landing on our heads
Sometimes on our shoulders
Sometimes around and on our feet

I see you, frozen and confused
You see me filled with wonder
Wondering what has happened
And why the roses keep on falling down
Drowning in their sickeningly sweet fragrance
I keep my eyes locked on you

Sometimes you'll blink
But you remain silent and lost
Sometimes I'll think of me
As the petals pour, so do memories
Who I was, what I could have been
I look up at a crimson sky, wondering why
You do that as well
And suddenly I know why we're here

Sometimes I am ashamed of who I am
And I'm afraid of all I fear I will be
But I'm not ashamed to tell you the truth
And I'm not afraid to love anymore

So I reach out and you grasp my hand
And I smile for we've made the connection
We are one...
We've spoken to each others hearts
The sky is still red, the heaven is still pouring
I know now I've found what I was missing

And the roses keep falling down
The roses will continue to fall down