A Fading Legacy

The Life of a Thief

"You should live everyday as if it was your last, and spend your money as if you were insanely rich." Nova Artisan

Silence. Pure silence right before the storm. And then after the silence comes the thunderous applause, the time to strike. The applause distracted everyone as the storm hit; no one was expecting a thing.

She pocketed as many various articles as she could, from precious stones to fancy daggers designed only for the likes of the nobles. No one noticed a thing. She did this for a living. The thrill of the steal meant walking away with your pockets full and close to a well deserved meal. No way in her life would she become a lowly beggar, she was much better as a thief was anyway. The profit was better and there was no shame in showing your face to the nobles.

Unknown to the nobles there was a well-known thief in their mist. That thief happened to be a girl around sixteen, no one knew for sure. She was wearing a tan shirt with a brown leather vest, patched brown pants and some oversized blacksmith's gloves, without the metal stains. Over her shoulder was a leather sheath for her dagger. On a belt at her waist was a small bag full of jewels and other countless items she has stolen that day. She tossed her head as she looked around the crowd of semi-drunk nobles, her hair was as golden blond as corn silk and her eyes were golden too, but they reflected the light of the low setting sun. Her hair was short and did not get in the way of her eyes that were quickly scanning the crowd.

Suddenly she found what she had wanted, and began weaving through the large crowd of rowdy nobles towards an archway almost hidden under a tangle of over grown vines. She squeezed through the last few nobles while grabbing one of their purses: they were too drunk to notice. Waiting for her at the gate was a boy, her age, with dark chocolate brown hair and a large headband. He wore a black baggy shirt and brown pants with patches on the knees. A dagger was in its sheath on his waistband: easily accessible. His eyes were a stunning light brown that seemed to be so innocent, yet pierced right into your soul at the same time.

They started walking out into an abandoned alleyway deep into the theater district of the city. Then they began to talk as the girl sat on an old barrel and the boy leaned up against a wall.

"So Nova, get us anything interestin' this time?" The boy asked as the girl fingered her pouch of stolen articles.

"Yea I did! Piper, you would not believe how stupid the nobles are! Especially when they are drunk." She laughed.

"You're lucky that the police weren't there, I'm actually surprised that they weren't. Normally they come to all of those plays. So can I see watcha got?" Piper asked her.

She pulled out a handful of precious gems and golden coins. She also took out the dagger that was studded with jewels and a small knife, which she handed to Piper.

"For you." Nova told him. She smiled a small sweet smile, very different from her usual casual smirk. He flashed her one of his famous grins.

"Really? Thanks! I've needed a new one ever since the police took mine. How'd ya know?" He asked.

"Ah, I have my ways. That doesn't concern you now." She teased him, she did have her ways and he would probably never find out.

He sighed, and reached for one of the jewels, and she slapped his hand.

"No, we are splitting this, you did the same for me. And if you hadn't been watching I would have never gotten this! That's final." She said because she knew he would protest.

"But.." He stopped when she rolled her eyes, "I'm not that predictable, am I?" He sounded put down.

"Only to me. I've known you for so long its really quite east to tell. Don't sound so discouraged, you are the best liar that I know!" She smiled at her best friend again.

"Okay good, I thought for a second there that I was slipping up!" He grinned.

It was beginning to grow dark it the theater district in the city of Lindblum, a very big city indeed. Only the thieves knew the whole city by heart, every street and every house. Every alleyway and every secret doorway and entrance to the castle. The two thieves conversed until they decided that it was best to go to their hideout, for you could not call it a house, it was more of an all-purpose shelter.

"Okay lets get moving before the drunken nobles run to the bars after the play ends." Piper told his best friend.

"Sure then lets go." Nova said as they headed off into the dark alleyways into the peaceful night.

In Lindblum Castle everything was different. There was some sort of argument going on between a general and a lieutenant. This argument could change things very differently.

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